Winners of Klimt02 Graduate Award 2015

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Published: 23.09.2015
Winners of Klimt02 Graduate Award 2015.
klimt02, Sanna Svedestedt

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During summer 2015 Klimt02  members schools had the possibility to participate in the Klimt02 New Graduate Series, where the graduation project of one student was selected to represent the school.
First edition of the Klimt02 Graduate Award.

From the participating schools three young jewellers have been chosen for the Klimt02 Graduate Award 2015. All three jewellers show technical skills and have presented a good visual communication of their featured project.
Our warmest congratulations goes out to: 
Katrin Feulner, Germany

Katrin Feulner has studied under the lead of Professor Andreas Gut at esteemed Pforzheim University - Faculty of Design
Katrin Feulner’s  final project is titled Arbeiten, a series of metal necklaces where she explored the ambiguity of the word "arbeiten" - meaning “work” - through the transformation of turning scrap yard junk into jewellery. 
Andreas Gut: “Her pieces have a sculptural quality because she works with what is within the material waiting to be interpreted. She respects the effort that has been put into the smallest pieces and spares no effort to continue a process that has started long before and will be continued to conclusion by the wearer. In the end what seems to be a random, forgotten object makes absolute sense. “
Klimt02 statement: Karin Feulner presented an interesting concept and choice of materials. Fulner has developed the ability to find unity in her work to create a beautiful and wearable collection.

Akiko Shinzato, United Kingdom
Akiko Shinzato has studied at Central Saint Martins, tutored by course leader Caroline Broadhead. 
For Klimt02 New Graduate Series Akiko Shinzato presented two series of work; Wearing Make Up and Putting on Someone’s Identity, exploring the seemingly global obsession of physical appearances.
Akiko Shinzato: “Since facial features are the most important for first impressions, my collection is a series of jewellery for the face. I have used the aesthetic and structural idea of a pair of pince-nez as an element to interfere and alter the face to attach and detach at will.  It explores how simply and easily you can change your appearance”. 
Klimt02 statement: Akiko Shinzato has developed the courage to work experimentally and follow through with a compelling concept. Shinzato make good use of photography to transfer her ideas visually.


Anna Norrgrann, Sweden
Anna Norrgrann graduated with a Master Degree from HDK – School of Design and Crafts where she has studied under Professor Karin Johansson. 
In her Master project “The Flow within and Flight from a Standard Format” Anna Norrgrann set out to investigate the limitations and possibilities of the A4. 
Anna Norrgrann: “I´ve tried to understand and confront the format, practically and intellectually, by using the hammer, stretching the material and creating structures and paths in the surface. I then colorize with the anodizing-technic. The color flows in the forged surface and together with the format it evokes landscape, feelings and memories.”
Klimt02 statement: In “The Flow within and Flight from a Standard Format” Anna Norrgrann deliver boldness through a controlled and limited format. Connected by a simple string, Norrgrann manages to create a believable link from her investigations to the body and wearer. 

Congratulations to all the three winners! Katrin Feulner, Akiko Shinzato and Anna Norrgrann will each receive a one year jeweller’s membership with Klimt02. 
We would like to thank all participating students, teachers and staff members for your collaboration and the high level of the presented works.