Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2023 Award

Award  /  05 May 2023  -  06 May 2023
Published: 10.05.2023

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The cyclical International Jewellery Competition is the leading event of Legnica SILVER Festival, organised by the Gallery of Art in Legnica since 1979. The competition is purely artistic, favouring the artist's idea and statement on a given theme. The interpretation of the theme and the artistic value of the statement is the basic criteria for qualifying works for the exhibition. The theme of the 31st edition of the competition is QUALITY.
The distribution of awards and the qualification of works for the exhibition is decided by an international jury consisting of renowned artists, professors, critics, experts and jewellery collectors. Each year the competition is held under a different title referring to important, universal problems and issues from the spheres of broadly understood art, culture, sociology or media. This time we would like to invite artists to discuss QUALITY in jewellery.

In times of constant change, at least one thing about jewellery seems to remain constant. It is the quality parameter. However, is quality today still defined by the perfection of long-learned craftsmanship,  the material equivalent measured by the conversion rate of an ounce of gold or the use of precious stones, or perhaps the marketing value of a logo or an artist's signature? First fashion designers and now pattern designers have re-evaluated the meaning of basic concepts that once seemed paradigmatic. The new benchmarks that set the quality standard are sustainability, experience instead of possession, the democratisation of luxury, and the relationship with the viewer. Surely designers of artistic jewellery will find equally inspiring answers. What is QUALITY for you? -prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski

The Jury of the 31st International Jewellery Competition „Quality” is composed of prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski (Poland), prof. Piotr Korduba (Poland) David Sandu (Romania), prof. Ludmila  Šikolová (Czech Republic), Ana Pina (Portugal).

  • Grand Prix: 15,000 PLN + 1 kg of silver
  • 2 nd Prize: 10,000 PLN + 1 kg of silver
  • 3rd Award of the Mayor of Legnica City: 5,000 PLN + 1 kg of silver
  • Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica: a solo exhibition with a catalogue worth 6,000 PLN
  • Special Award for courage, innovation, the uncompromising or joking character of the creative expression: „Silver Spur” statuette + 1 kg of silver
The jury reserves the right to distribute the prizes in a different way.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the above prize list for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control.

Authors will receive the financial and material prizes only if they or their designated representatives will participate in the award-giving ceremony or if they personally collect their prizes on a different date by June 30, 2023. In case, due to the current epidemiological situation, the prize-giving ceremony will be held entirely online, the prizes will be sent by courier service at the Organiser’s expense.

  1. The competition is open and international.
  2. There are no restrictions as to the number of works submitted by a Participant, provided that: - the copyright is with the Artist; - the works are submitted under the Artist’s name; - all the works submitted by one Artist can be contained within a case measuring 35 x 35 x 25 cm. By the Organizer’s earlier permission, arrangements can be made to accept objects of dimensions exceeding those specified above.
  3. Authors deliver competition works to the Organizer’s premises at their own expense. The Organizer is not responsible for any damage caused during transport.
  4. Works are permitted to take part in the Competition provided that the following conditions are fulfilled: - a correctly completed Entry Form is submitted electronically to the address and in paper form along with the submitted work(s).