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Cranes: Birds of luck and caller of longing

Exhibition  /  09 Apr 2016  -  22 May 2016
Published: 11.04.2016

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The Birds of Luck stirr up a deep longing in us when we hear them calling from above. For some of us it's the longing to far away places to some it is the longing for closeness. For everyone it is something else. They are Messengers of Spring and of Winter. A great symbol for lifelong Love they combine grace and Beauty.

Artist list

Kirsten Grünebaum, Ariane Hartmann, Iris Merkle, Margit Schranner, Melanie Tomlinson
Ariane Hartmann did a new cycle on the theme and shows work of the following guests:
Kirsten Grünebaum (D), Iris Merkle (D), Margit Schranner (D) and Melanie Tomlinson (UK).

About the Artists:
Kirsten Grünebaum is a jewellery designer with her own studio in Essen, NRW Germany.
She is inspired by the delicacy of feathers and the challange between hard metal and softness of them.
Iris Merkle, with her beautiful "Butterflychains" she is part of the exhibition. It is not only a great pleasure to look at these fine necklaces but also a stunning sound these wings create when they get into motion wearing them. Since 2007, she runs her own studio under the label "Fingerglück." In 2014 Merkle was awarded the State Prize for jewelry design, one of Germany's top awards for innovative design.
During 2013 Melanie Tomlinson travelled with the Great Crane Project Team to Brandenburg in Germany to observe the collecting of Cranes eggs and their subsequent journey back to the UK, rearing at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and their final release onto the Somerset Levels.

Melanie created a series of hand printed pre-cinema objects consisting of 2 steel Zoetropes and 2 steel Praxinoscopes. Each object has been hand-printed with her own finely detailed colourful gouache illustrations which tell the story of Melanie's experiences in the forest, swamps and flower meadows of Somerset and the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve, Brandenburg.

Working on the Crane project has been a very moving and emotional experience. To see Cranes in the wild in Germany and to observe the collection of eggs has put the project into a new context for me. It has also inspired exciting new artworks that I hope reflect the beauty of the project and the landscapes of Somerset and Brandenburg. / Melanie Tomlinson

As well as developing her own creative response to the project, she has also been commissioned to create a series of online resources about the Eurasian Crane. The resources help to promote awareness of Cranes and flora and fauna in Somerset. They will be available for schools in Somerset and further afield, community groups and any interested parties to download and use in late autumn 2013.
You can follow Melanie's journey on her blog.


Saturday 9 April 2016 from 14 to 22h

At the opening there will be a Reading with Marlies Blauth from her Book: "zarte takte tröpfelt die zeit"