Flora by Julie Blyfield

Exhibition  /  04 Oct 2018  -  30 Nov 2018
Published: 23.09.2018
Julie Blyfield. Brooch: Rock Face, 2015. Silver. Julie Blyfield
Brooch: Rock Face, 2015
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Julie Blyfield is one of Australia’s leading contemporary jewellery artist; her interest in metals started in 1976 when, during her study at Torrens College of Advanced Education in Adelaide, she attended a lecture on Jewellery. One of the major sources of her inspiration is the wider world of history, thanks to her experience in archaeological sites and in museum collections. Therefore, Julie’s knowledge of indigenous cultures, both intellectual and aesthetic, often influenced the jewellery she created during the years. Jewellery pieces that are inspired by the forceful structures, repetitions and the mesmerizing qualities and textures of plants. The artist uses silver as a medium to transfer these qualities into wearable pieces, a material that like the botanical spices, comes from the earth. One is hard and cold, the other is ephemeral, soft, and pliable.