Genesis, Life and Form Through Different Lenses by Ezra Satok-Wolman and Wendy McAllister

Exhibition  /  03 Dec 2014  -  15 Feb 2015
Published: 20.01.2015
Klimt02 Gallery
Leo Caballero, Amador Bertomeu

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Genesis: Life and Form Through Different Lenses is a duo exhibition of  jewelry by Ezra Satok-Wolman and Wendy McAllister at the Klimt02 Gallery.  The artists' mutual interest in the beauty and wonder of nature’s grand design was the source of inspiration for this collaborative exhibition.  With differing interpretations of this concept, each artist presents a series of work with uniquely individual aesthetics.
Genesis: Life and Form Through Different Lenses is a duo exhibition of  jewelry by Ezra Satok-Wolman and Wendy McAllister at the Klimt02 Gallery. The concept was born in Barcelona in 2012 after Ezra’s trip to the Sagrada Familia, when he came to realize that Gaudi’s infamous project was the perfect archetype for the macrocosm microcosm concept with nature as the basis for its artistic concepts and many of the structural elements.  After seeing Wendy’s work in person for the first time at Sieraad Art Fair in 2013, Ezra realized that they were both inspired by the same subject matter and trying to represent very similar concepts in their work. On that same note, their interpretations are vastly different and the lens paradigm began to evolve into an exhibition concept. Not only did this draw a clear parallel with the Sagrada Familia project, but their subject matter was in line with Gaudi’s artistic motivation, to demonstrate the beauty and wonder of nature’s grand design and its connection to the rest of the Universe. 

Where does form originate?
Why is the hexagon a shape we commonly see in the natural world, in honeycombs, flowers, and numerous crystals or minerals? There are answers to all these questions, even the ones we aren’t certain of just yet. Examining the microscopic arrangements of atoms and particles has explained many of the shapes in our everyday lives.
We tend to classify shapes as organic or geometric. Yet, do organic forms really exist? This comes back to the idea of lenses, or viewpoint. At the right level of magnification, anything deemed “organic” will display the properties of geometric shapes. 
Through their own unique lenses, Ezra and Wendy both use the common geometries observed in nature as the basis for many of their pieces. However, just as insects see flowers differently than birds, their visual interpretations of those elements differ dramatically. It is this juxtaposition that became the basis for “Genesis” and again mirrors a major characteristic of the Sagrada Familia’s design. The exterior of the Sagrada Familia is the oldest section of the project and the intense baroque design of the exterior is reminiscent of Wendy’s incredibly ornate and extravagant work. In contrast the interior, much of which was constructed over the last few decades, is quite contemporary, giving prominence to geometry, the nucleus of Gaudi’s vision as well as the mathematical basis of Ezra’s precise and inspiring work. 
Nature has been our ultimate teacher throughout our evolution, and the ultimate guide and inspiration for art and technology since our beginning. “Genesis” presents nature and the Universe as the greatest masterpiece of all.
Ezra Satok-Wolman
Over the last decade Canadian jewelry artist and goldsmith Ezra Satok-Wolman has been active in the jewelry world, establishing a presence in North America, Europe and Asia.  Having studied extensively in Canada and Italy, learning from the masters of the trade, he continues to preserve the practice of classical goldsmithing in his work.  Combining his passion for traditional techniques and contemporary art, Ezra has managed to successfully create a unique and identifiable style.  His quality over quantity approach lies at the core of his operations, making each piece by hand, one at a time.  He has received numerous awards and accolades for his work, and participated in international exhibitions and competitions over the years, including Beijing, Milan and Shanghai Design Week events, The Friedrich Becker Prize, The Niche Awards and The A’ Design Award. 

Wendy McAllister
Wendy McAllister earned her B.A. in Fine Arts and Ceramics from the George Washington University and her Certificate in Jewelry with Honors from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her enameled jewelry is represented in the permanent collection of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design (USA) and was featured in their recent exhibition, “Allure of Flowers: Botanical Motifs in Craft, Design, and Fashion”. Her work has been shown in many gallery exhibitions and art fairs, including the Shanghai International Jewelry Art Exhibition (China), TOP Jewels National Jewelry Exhibition (USA), SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair (the Netherlands), the Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts (Moscow, Russia) as well as Art Basel Miami/Red Dot Art Fair, Art Palm Beach, the American Craft Council Show, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and numerous SOFA Exhibitions in Chicago, New York, and Santa Fe.-2016-2016