Possession by Michihiro Sato

Exhibition  /  22 May 2018  -  16 Jun 2018
Published: 22.05.2018

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I was inspired by the text written by a Japanese art critic, Masakazu Yamazaki. He says:

Our desire for architecture would probably be divided in principle into two wishes, the one is to embrace space and the other is to possess space - these two always opposed. The former makes a demand for architecture as an extension of clothing, and is based on the wish to be embraced. The latter is manifested as our determination to build an “archway”* to owning land; it is based on our will to explore and to dominate space. Assume a house would be the reflection of the former, and a tomb or shrine is the symbol of the latter.     

* Archway refers to the structure which is often seen at the entrance of Shinto shrines in Japan. The relationship between "archway" and "owning land" is associated with that between jewellery and the body (including the soul).
/ MS, 2018 (translation by Michihiro Sato)