Stephanie Jendis and Julie Mollenhauer at Galerie Pilartz

Exhibition  /  29 May 2010  -  17 Jul 2010
Published: 19.05.2010
Stephanie Jendis. Bracelet: Stag Hunt, 2010. Horn, amazonite, tiger's-eye, agate, silver. Stephanie, JendisBracelet: Untitled, 2010Horn, stone, silver. Stephanie Jendis
Bracelet: Stag Hunt, 2010
Horn, amazonite, tiger's-eye, agate, silver

Stephanie, Jendis
Bracelet: Untitled, 2010
Horn, stone, silver

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Gallery Pilartz are presenting works of art you can wear. They are bold, fancy, ambiguous, poetic, humorous, provocative, austere or baroque and lush. This time two jewellery artists born in Germany are exhibiting their work in Cologne.