On a Visit / Art Jewellery by Jana Machatová, Peter Machata and Kristyna Spanihelova

Exhibition  /  05 Aug 2021  -  05 Dec 2021
Published: 03.08.2021
Peter Machata. Brooch: Digitus Annularis, 2020. Corian, silver, zircon. Photo by: Peter Ancic. Peter Machata
Brooch: Digitus Annularis, 2020
Corian, silver, zircon
Photo by: Peter Ancic
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In 2013, Jana and Peter Machata presented their designer jewelry at the Orava Gallery. Eight years later, they return with their latest works and have invited Kristýna Španihelová, exhibiting for the first time in Dolný Kubín, to join them. All three artists share the same starting point, as they studied together at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.