Peter Machata

Published: 06.09.2022


Peter Machata, a graduate of Jozef Jankovič’s sculpture studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava began to concentrate on jewelry after completing his studies. He perceives jewelry as small sculptures, and thus consistently and consequently builds the syntax of his jewelry based on the principles of relief, plastic formation and box. His jewelry reflects subtle overlaps of jewelry and sculpture methods – his geometric and poetizing abstraction was replaced by figurative metaphor several years ago. He elaborated the elements of religiousness (or spirituality?), which he established in his jewelry by basing them on the iconography of the Pieta, in a new heretical method in the collection of Saintly Relics (boxes with realistically depicted fingers with engagement rings) accenting the topic of marriage. He likes to work in a participative manner, at times by reconstructing jewelry designed by a different artist, at other times, including the potential bearer in his cooperative game, most recently in a series of provocative amulets/talismans. For many years he worked mainly in silver, but today plastic/corian, which allows him to do sophisticated experiments by using a CNC milling machine and scanner, plays a substantial role in his work.
/ Viera Kleinova, 2019

About the series Mother and Son
This series is a reflection of my emotions and experiences. It´s a combination parts of the Pieta, a game between the positive and negative of the relief, as a game between the inner and outer parts of relief. The story of  Maria and Jesus is n´t important for me as a religious theme. The scene of the Pieta is a story about a mother and her son. Trough this famous motiv I try to show the complicated, tragical and loving relationship between a mother and her son.
My art- thinking is abstract. I work with forms and lights, with proportions and materials. My use of new technology serves only as an instrument to formulate my ideas. In this collection, I combined traditional material – silver with plexiglass and corian I used the transparency of plexiglass and the colourful variability of silver. I was inspired by a wooden sculpture of the Pieta from our region. By cutting parts of the relief and setting them in new a composition I moved an old theme into a new context.

About series Stigma
I strive to grasp the historical context which has formed the environment in which I live in at the moment. The environment which also forms me creates my behavior patterns and sets the limits of moral and social values. It is ingrained in me, marks me and designates me. It is comprised of signs, marks, predeterminations, stigmas that what we carry; sometimes we hide them, sometimes we show them. Forming a collection of habits and customs and life baselines which may be perceived differently in various environments.
I used the symbols of state-forming systems, powers and ideologies, which for a shorter or longer period of time existed or still exist and which have influenced the country in which I was born and raised and in which I continue to live. They have gradually established ethical and spatial boundaries, introduced social and legal systems, set moral values, and violently enforced their ideas of ways of life, language, and the state system of government.  
They have been placed in the palms of our hands, where we can hide them as an undesirable stigma or show them as something of genuine value, but they will always be something that predetermined our way of life and world view. They are ingrained in us and will accompany us, regardless of whether we accept them or reject them.  

/ Peter Machata

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Exhibition  10 Nov 2022 - 14 Nov 2022  Israel Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry. Colorful Recovery.
Exhibition  09 Nov 2022 - 06 Dec 2022  TOUCH Exhibition in Poland.
Exhibition  05 Oct 2022 - 09 Oct 2022  TOUCH Exhibition in Bucharest and Warsaw.
Exhibition  12 Sep 2022 - 24 Sep 2022  The Edge of Banality at the Budapest Jewellery Week.
Exhibition  10 Sep 2022 - 15 Oct 2022  Simple Stories. Jana Machatova and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  07 Sep 2022 - 05 Oct 2022  Portrait of a Lady.
Award giving  14 May 2022 - 14 May 2022  Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2022 Winners.
Exhibition  04 May 2022 - 21 Aug 2022  Under the Surface by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  02 Mar 2022 - 10 Apr 2022  Echo of the Mind by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  19 Jan 2022 - 27 Feb 2022  Dialogues with the Past by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  30 Sep 2020 - 15 Dec 2020  METALLOphone: Museum.
Meeting  22 Sep 2020 - 30 Nov 2020  Šperkstret 2020: Body Politics and Jewelry.
Exhibition  17 Sep 2020 - 10 Oct 2020  Ordinary Life by Jana Machatova and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  11 Sep 2020 - 08 Nov 2020  Show me the Face by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  01 Apr 2020 - 30 Jun 2020  Simple Stories by Jana Machatova and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  18 Dec 2018 - 15 Feb 2019  20+ by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  22 Sep 2018 - 04 Nov 2018  1/1 by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata in Bratislava.
Exhibition  11 Sep 2018 - 13 Oct 2018  The Genius of Images.
Exhibition  06 Jul 2018 - 31 Aug 2018  1/1 by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  10 Apr 2017 - 07 May 2017  On the Roads by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata.
Fair  08 Mar 2017 - 14 Mar 2017  Schmuck 2017.
Exhibition  20 Oct 2016 - 03 Dec 2016  Private Expeditions by Jana Machatová & Peter Machata.
Exhibition  22 Sep 2016 - 22 Oct 2016  4 x 4.
Exhibition  21 Sep 2016 - 07 Oct 2016  Kremnica 1990 - 2016.
Exhibition  10 May 2016 - 11 Jun 2016  Expecting a Miracle by Jana Machatova and Peter Machata.
Fair  24 Feb 2016 - 01 Mar 2016  Schmuck 2016.
Exhibition  08 Oct 2014 - 10 Oct 2014  Jewellery by Jana Machatova and Peter Machata.
Exhibition  22 Apr 2014 - 08 Jun 2014  Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver.
Exhibition  06 Jun 2013 - 01 Sep 2013  Jana Machatova and Peter Machata: Ready to Wear.

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Book:  Narrative Jewelry. Fenn, MarkSchiffer Publishing:  New York,  2017
Book:  Valuable Links. Royal Netherlands Embassy in Vienna:  Vienna,  2003