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Send 10 American Art Jewelers To SIERAAD

Fundraising  /  07 Nov 2013  -  10 Nov 2013
Published: 13.06.2013
Rachel Timmins Jillian Moore. Brooch: Jackalope. Mixed media. Rachel Timmins, Jillian MooreBrooch: JackalopeMixed media. Rachel Timmins Jillian Moore
Brooch: Jackalope
Mixed media

Rachel Timmins, Jillian Moore
Brooch: Jackalope
Mixed media

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By exhibiting at SIERAAD a group of emerging American art jewelers demonstrating the wide range of work that the US has to offer today in this field, hope to further connect the European jewelry community with that of the United States. Join the fundraising campaign to help bringing them to Amsterdam in November.