Atlas Drawings. A conversation between Mira Sanders, Kasper Andreasen and Sofie Van Loo

Meeting  /  26 Nov 2014
Published: 21.11.2014
St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp
Hilde De Decker

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Mira Sanders, Kasper Andreasen and Sofie Van Loo discuss the subject of Atlas Drawings. While Mira Sanders focuses her work in the need of describing space, Kasper Andreasen's work gives emphasis on mapping, indexing, and archiving.
Mira Sanders and Kasper Andreasen in conversation with Sofie Van Loo on the aspect of Atlas Drawings.

In her work Mira Sanders returns to the primary need to describe space, to name it, to plot it. She exploits the potential of line as a tool for constructing a representation, giving material form to the boundaries and areas of a surface or piece of land, as a continuous feature, real or imaginary, separating two contiguous elements. Line of force or line of flight, touch line, line of the horizon. They exist to declare space and make it visible, so that one knows where one is and is able, again, to cast off.

Kasper Andreasen (DK) lives and works in Brussels. His work encompasses drawing, writing, and printed matter with an emphasis on mapping, indexing, and archiving. In March 2010, he completed the permanent installation The Writing of the Land at the Letterkundig Museum (Museum of Literature) in The Hague. He recently published a drawing atlas entitled Writing Over with Roma Publications in Amsterdam. Currently, his painting practice focuses on the relations between informal painting, writing and the landscape.

A lecture organized by the research group Horizontal Drawing.