Brazil Jewelry Week 2020

Meeting  /  OnlineOnly  /  03 Dec 2020  -  21 Dec 2020
Published: 02.12.2020
Brazil Jewelry Week 2020.
Brazil Jewelry Week
Jorge Manilla, Miriam Mirna Korolkovas
Chrissie Barban

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The first and leading international contemporary jewelry fair in Latin America. Based in Brazil since 2019, it was created to inspire new behavioral and aesthetic experiences in the act of adorning oneself. It gathers together contemporary artists to propagate, strengthen, and consecrate the creative potential of these jewelers, creating experimental dialogues to renew and reinvent concepts, materials, and techniques. The theme of this edition will be Incorporate the Work, focusing on the relationship between the body and jewelry. 

Artist list

189, Oscar Agudelo, Rafael Luis Alvarez, Germana Arthuso, Atelier Mourão, Atitocou, Chrissie Barban, Josette Barban, Batek Escuela de Joyeria, Titi Berrio, Constanza Bielsa, Andrea Borges, Regina Burghi, Ana Calbucci, Andrés Caro, Roxana Casale, Paula Castro, Cristina Celis, Mel Chung, Roxana Ciordia, Isa Duarte Ribeiro, Lena Echelle, Paula Estrada, Eva Fortuno, Paola Francia, Gabriela Garcia Mariscal, Carolina Gomes, Lis Haddad, Luiza Hermeto, Patricia Iglesas, Lorena Jarpa, Ana María Jiménez, Joana Design Studio, Alex Junior, Camilla Laorni, Camila Ligabue, Jorge Manilla, Rita Martinez, Simón Mazuera, Memorias, Patricia Mogni, Paula Mourão, Vianney Méndez, Ana Nadjar, Kátia Nakamoto, Gabriela Nirino, Núcleo Laboratório, Natalia Olarte, Yael Olave, Susana Ortiz, Mônica Perez, João Pohl, Paola Pérez, Daniel Ramos Obregón, Gis Ribeiro, Carmem Romero, Mariah Rovery, Alejandra Ruiz, Vania Ruiz, Áurea Sacilotto, Diego Saraiva, Nadia Schurkim, Shiro, Heráclio Silva, Rita Soto, Liza Tuli, Paola Valencia, Flávia Vidal, Wee
Brazil Jewelry Week - Incorporating the Work focuses on the poet-artist demiurges who are aware of the internal truth of their conceptions. The revelation of creative and meticulous work by the jeweler who makes a path, an identity - the virtue of those who make jewelry for their love of art and culture. In addition to bringing together and celebrating contemporary jewelry, BJW allows us to recognize jewelry and build relationships with partners and consumers, developing new markets.

This relationship will be possible and, even closer despite the digital format, as a showcase to arouse desire. In this second edition, professionals will have their own pages to display up to five pieces, putting every jeweler in the spotlight. The page will also be able to host audiovisual content about backstage, the rituals of creative production that tell the story behind the jewelry. This individual space will also provide contact information so that consumers can establish a relationship with their favorite artists, creating a bond and loyalty. In practice, the BJW team will mediate the interaction between consumers and designers, promoting jewelry sales.
The platform there will also be a special space for schools/galleries/collectives, with stories, images, videos, and contact details. We believe that the pandemic has created an opportunity for us to connect differently, but in a way that was already part of our everyday lives and that allows us to interact with more people, more immediately, expanding the reach of knowledge and diversity. 

About the Theme
Incorporating the Work is not just a theme for BJW. It was created to reveal talent, identity, and creativity to figure as jewelry art. Knowing that references, needs, and predilections are some of the issues that differentiate us, therefore, incorporating the work is an opportunity to listen to one's own voice, to serve the senses with freedom of expression, on a platform created especially for this purpose for Latin America and the world.

  • JOYA Award. The award will go to a person that transforms a simple material into art. Sublime compositions and delicate textures give forms to small sculptures for the body. The winner will take part in JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery and Objects 2021 as a guest artist and award winner.
  • PIN Award. In the scope of the 2nd edition of BJW, PIN (Associação Portuguesa de Joalheria Contemporânea) joins this project and offers the registration and a year of annuity, referring to 2021, to one of the participants to be elected by a jury indicated by the organization of the event. PIN thus intends to stimulate this initiative and intensify the exchange of ideas and experiences, continuing the good dialogue between Portuguese-Brazilian jewelry.

During my artistic practice in recent years as a professional artist, teacher, and researcher, questions have arisen regarding Latin identity in the field of artistic jewelry. In these times, with such hybrid cultures, what can be said to the world as Latinos, what can we communicate, how can we express and represent it? What is our relationship with, our use and reinterpretation of, ancestral cultures? We have to create to communicate, create with commitment, emotion, and intelligence. The Latin American voice intrigues me. I want to see how we materialize the beliefs of our ancestors with the flavors of the present.
/ Jorge Manilla

Jewelry artists warn, contest, invent through their work. Their expressions will surprise you in these dark times that we are going through. Dare!
/ Miriam Mirna Korolkovas

About the Organizers
Conceived is by Chrissie Barban.
Curated by Miriam Mirna Korolkovas.
Supported by the Contemporary Jewelry Center, an organization that promotes contemporary jewelry in Brazil.
Carolina Gomes. Necklace: Necklace #16, 2019. Polymer clay, magnetic clasp.. Photo by: Carolina Gomes. From series: Anthozoa Collection. Carolina Gomes
Necklace: Necklace #16, 2019
Polymer clay, magnetic clasp.
Photo by: Carolina Gomes
From series: Anthozoa Collection
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Rita Soto. Brooch: Parasite N|22, 2019. Horsehair, vegetable fiber tampico, silver, steel.. 12 x 5 x 5 cm. Photo by: Rita Soto. From series: Existential Parasite. Rita Soto
Brooch: Parasite N|22, 2019
Horsehair, vegetable fiber tampico, silver, steel.
12 x 5 x 5 cm
Photo by: Rita Soto
From series: Existential Parasite
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Jorge Manilla. Collar: Oscure Sacrifices I, 2014. Leather, wood, polymer gypsum, carbon, steel.. 55 x 35 x 9 cm. From series: Oscure Sacrifices. Jorge Manilla
Collar: Oscure Sacrifices I, 2014
Leather, wood, polymer gypsum, carbon, steel.
55 x 35 x 9 cm
From series: Oscure Sacrifices
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