Changing Position Seminar

Meeting  /  27 Apr 2019
Published: 11.04.2019
DEADLINE: 27/04/2019

Payment will be collected on arrival.


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The seminar will address the topic of a jewellery artist in movement, physically and mentally, for a shorter or longer period of time.
What effect will the relocation have on the artist? Could the distance to the homeland allow a sharper view or will it fill the gaze with nostalgia? In what way will the heritage present itself, what impression will it have on the art and what happens when the geographical and ethnic diversities get mixed up?

The event curated by Hnoss Initiative in collaboration with Four Gallery and supported by Iaspis.

Speakers are:
- Johanna Zellmer, jewellery artist, New Zealand.
- Coco Sung, jewellery artist, Korea/Germany in conversation with Karin Roy Andersson.
- Monica Brugger, jewellery artist/curator/Artist in Residence manager, Pop A.i.R, France.
- Marina Elenskaya, journalist/jewellry artist, Current Obsession, The Netherlands.

The seminar is held in connection with several jewellery art exhibitions in Gothenburg:

6-28 April at Konstepidemin:
- Galleri Konstepidemin: Melt, Johanna Zellmer, jewellery artist, New Zeeland.
- Galleri Konstepidemin: Angående Hus nr 10/Equipment Boxes, Mona Wallström, jewellery artist, Sweden.
- Galleri Konstepidemin, lounge: Charlotte Skalegård, metal artist, Sweden.
- Blå Huset: Anna Unsgaard, artist, Sweden.

26-27 April at Konstepidemin:
- Garaget: Out of place, Klara Brynge/Åsa Christensson, jewellery artists, Sweden.
- Hus 8: Posture, Students from HDK jewellery department.

26 April- 5 May at Four Gallery:
- Coco Sung. Jewellery artist from Korea.

The seminar fee: is 100 sek (approx. 10 euro) and includes a small lunch, coffee and fruit.
Mona Wallström. Necklace: House no 10 Unbroken outline, 2016. Hard plaster, silver.. 72 x 36 x 1 cm. Photo by: Mona Wallström. From series: Regarding Hose no 10. Mona Wallström
Necklace: House no 10 Unbroken outline, 2016
Hard plaster, silver.
72 x 36 x 1 cm
Photo by: Mona Wallström
From series: Regarding Hose no 10
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Programme schedule..
Programme schedule.

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