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Published: 04.09.2016
Åsa Christensson
DEADLINE: 30/09/2016
Jiro Kamata. Brooch: Border #1, 2015. Dichroic mirror, corian, silver.. 7 x 6 x 0.5 cm. From series: Border. Jiro Kamata
Brooch: Border #1, 2015
Dichroic mirror, corian, silver.
7 x 6 x 0.5 cm
From series: Border
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Hnoss Initiative and IASPIS invites you to a seminar about colour and jewellery. Welcome to an inspiring and colourful day of presentations from various artists sharing their thoughts and processes surrounding the use and meaning of colour.
Christel Copp is a swedish grafic designer, illustrator and visual artist as well as a frequent lecturer and teacher at Gothenburg University. Her talking points concern communication through imagery, visual presentation and symbolism of colours. With her long experience Christel offers unique insight into how the mind interpret colour in everyday sur­roundings, in artistic areas and virtual environments.

Daniel Kruger is an internationally acclaimed jewellery artist from South Africa, living and working in Berlin, Germany.
I use many different materials, both rich and poor. The forms vary from organic to geometric, the organic however seems to prevail. Texture, pattern and colour play a big role, as does sensuality both in the shapes as well as in the use of material. Many pieces have a distinct erotic quality. I like symmetry; often pieces are made up of pairs.
Carina Shoshtary is a german jewellery artist that graduated in 2012 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In her current series she is literally tearing down her material off the walls. She is collecting colour sheets that separate from walls sprayed and painted with graffiti. The richness of colours that the graffiti world offers, conform to her sensitivity and affection for colour compositions.
Jiro Kamata is a jewellery artist originally from Japan, now living and working i Munich, Germany. Jiro combines goldsmithing techniques and non-traditional materials such as reflective glass materials, eyeglasses and camera lenses. The inorganic material is brought to life by the light refractions. Beams are captured, transformed and transmitted to the wearer of the piece. The colours, shapes and shadows are affected by the perspective - an interaction between material, environment and receiver.

Exhibitions in Gothenburg during Code C:
> Jiro Kamata at Four Gallery, october 7 to november 5.
> HDK Jewellery Art students at Konstepidemin.


Place: Gröna Rummet, Konstepidemin.

12.30 Registration and coffee
13.00 Christel Copp
14.00 Daniel Kruger
14.45 Break
15.15 Carina Shoshtary
16.15 Jiro Kamata
17.30 Party



The seminar is in English. Advance booking is required.
A fee of 100 SEK that includes entrance to the seminar, coffee, refreshments and an afternoon meal, is collected upon arrival.