Current Obsession experience Ooga Booga

Meeting  /  19 Dec 2015
Published: 07.12.2015
Current Obsession experience Ooga Booga.
Studio 47 Gallery
Anneleen Swillen

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We are pleased to invite you to experience OOGA BOOGA . As CURRENT OBSESSION just launched the fourth #Supernatural issue and this theme comes to live on the 19th of December in Amsterdams Studio 47 gallery. The artists practice what they reach and bring you the OOGA BOOGA experience, curated by Anneleen Swillen.

Artist list

Michael Avraham, Anna Bak, Jasper Griepink, Henna Hyvärinen, Susan Kooi, Vann Kwok, Peter Paul Pothoven, Brynjar Sigurðarson, Borch Socher, Octave Vandeweghe

CURRENT OBSESSION #4 Supernatural Issue attempts to connect the mystical notions of shamanism and magic to the creative process itself. Essentially, it’s about creating one’s own narrative, mythology and belief system, while daring to challenge the conventions of art and design. Starting from the CURRENT OBSESSION magazine as a format, and inspired by its characteristics and possibilities, the theme of the Supernatural will now be explored through this event. During the event we will focus on the in depth perception and experience of the artists works brought together in an interesting program consisting of diverse contemporary views on the Supernatural and its complementation in artistic practice.

Programme: Saturday 19th of December from 13 pm till 9 pm at Studio 47 

13:00h open
14:00h Talk by Octave Vandeweghe, A Brilliant Cut
15:00h Reading performance by Anna Bak, Survivalism
16:00h Talk by Pieter Paul Pothoven about the first pictures from Lapis Lazuli mines in the Middle East
18:00h Bondage Wedding by Jasper Griepink a modern wedding ceremony where rings became abundant 
19:30h Music performance by Echo + Seahell and pieces by Vann Kwok

Throughout the day: 
Things That Happened, book and vinyl by Brynjar Sigurðarson Voted best new talent by Lidewij Edelkoort
Chocolate Rocks by Michal Avraham and Borch Socher
Piece by piece by Jasper Griepink and Janneke Raaphorst 

Octave Vandeweghe, currently enrolled as an artist in residence in Trier University of Applied Sciences, Department for Gemstones and Jewellery, Idar-Oberstein, will present A Brilliant Cut in which he explores the link between the natural and faceted shapes of
(gem)stones. During the talk he will share the insight into his artistic practice and making process. 

Brynjar Sigurðarson’s work is linked to storytelling and narratives, which are deeply rooted in Icelandic culture. At Ooga Booga
Things That Happened, a book about Brynjar’s work, accompanied by a vinyl in which he recorded and composed (auto)biographic stories he has collected throughout his journeys.

Taking chocolate as a raw material out of its context, Michal Avraham and Borch Socher are experimenting with its shape, colour and texture by creating a series of edible rocks, a unique experience that starts with shape and results in taste. During Ooga Booga
the Chocolate Rocks will be sliced and handed out, revealing their surprising filling.

Anna Bak has a special focus on survivalism as an alternative mode in the production of our life. Survivalism describes the fear of an imminent collapse of civilisation as well as the romantic fantasy of escaping the modern, urban society’s ambivalence. Wilderness Survival – A Guide to the Aesthetics of Survivalism is a project about the survival of real or speculative dangers, which considers practical and philosophical understandings of the survivalist lifestyle.

Multimedia artist Pieter Paul Pothoven has a special interest in the Middle East. In his work he explores the role of specific elements of this turbulent region in western (visual) culture and contemporary media. During the event Pieter Paul will give a talk on his artistic practice.

Artist, writer and performer Jasper Griepink explores utopian old-age and new-age thinkers, medical practitioners, spiritualists, philosophers and the co-habitants of (sub)cultures and alternative communities across the world. During Ooga Booga he will conduct a Bondage Wedding Ceremony; an alternative and gentle wedding ceremony in which the bodies of a couple, a group or an individual are fully bonded and tied together. In collaboration with costume designer Janneke Raaphorst, Jasper will be making this year’s CURRENT OBSESSION’s Piece by Piece, a ‘wedding jewel’ based on the ribbons that are used in his Bondage Wedding ceremonies.

Performance duo Echo + Seashell (Henna Hyvärinen and Susan Kooi plus an IPod) will close the event. Prepare yourself for a mix of electronic synth combined with apathetic singing lyrics and internet-aesthetic.consisting of a bizarre mishmash of odds and ends, cat videos and seafood.
Echo + Seashell will be adorned with jewellery pieces by Vann Kwok. (Out of) flux is a project that addresses the relationship between what occurs naturally and what is technically produced - Chance vs. Choice / Control vs. Chaos. The collection illustrates how the placement of a piece of jewellery both on and off the body affects posture and gesture in relation to one's surrounding space. The struggle between the natural and the artificial is visible through the making process by employing machine (technology), using traditional craftsmanship (humanity) and applying process that involves the participation of natural environment (nature). The collection also aims at exploring relationship between time, space and body.

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Drinks will be powered by Our Amsterdam & Fountain Of Youth.
In collaboration with Inspiragency PR Larisse Mac Donald.
The 2015 year programme is made possible by the generous support of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.
Octave Vandeweghe. Object: A Brilliant Cut, 2015. Rockcrystal. Octave Vandeweghe
Object: A Brilliant Cut, 2015
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Jasper Griepink during a performance.
Jasper Griepink during a performance

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