Meeting  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2016  /  25 Feb 2016  -  01 Mar 2016
Published: 08.02.2016

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Wake up slowly with some coffee, croissants, and your favorite jewellery crush. Get the PAPER + MAP, plot out your upcoming MJW16 adventures and listen to some of the freshest leading voices in our field discuss a wide range of topics relating to contemporary jewellery.
The Social Club is a new Current Obsession venture to develop opportunities to connect and empower jewellers. Each morning we will have intimate, informal discussions with a variety of experienced artists for you to stop by and listen to at Lost Weekend, the bookstore/café that has become the headquarters for Current Obsession MJW. Look in the PAPER for more Social Club details – and as always, come enjoy the fun at the Launch Party!


Social Club Times, Subjects, and Participants:
CURRENT OBSESSION // Grab the PAPER, Meet some of the team and discuss goals, ideas and obsessions
24. Feb. from 10:00 to 11:00h

Day One: BREAKFAST WITH CO // Meet the team
Wednesday, February 24th 10:00 – 11:00h

Want to meet some of the people who make Current Obsession happen? Several members of the core Current Obsession Team will be there to discuss our latest issue, SUPERNATURAL #4, and the MJW16 PAPER, as well as future goals, ideas and obsessions (of course!).
Larisse MacDonald - Sarah Mesritz - Kellie Riggs - Mariah Tuttle

Day Two: SPREADING THE WORD // New methods in Self Publication, Promotion and Collaboration
Thursday, February 25th 10:00 - 11:00h

More and more artists are contemplating new and fresh ways of exploring and presenting their work. They are taking ownership and creating not only a broader context, but also a wider audience for their work by pioneering collaborations and redefinitions of jewellery’s relationship to other media. Hear the following artists discuss their unique creative avenues of self-publication via books, blogs, and zines.
Adam Grinovich - Hanna Hedman - Carina Shoshtary 

Day Three: GOING ROGUE // Independent Artist Run Exhibitions in Munich
Friday, February 26th 10:00 - 11:00h

How do they do it? Where to begin? Several experienced artists and hosts from both Munich and abroad will be on hand for an informal discussion on just how they have approached putting together, or supporting artist led exhibitions throughout current and previous iterations of Munich Jewellery Week.
Patricia Domingues - Steven Gordon Holman - Melanie Isverding - 84 Ghz Sylvia Katzwinkel

Day Four: CREATING COMMUNITY // Local Hubs of the Contemporary Jewellery World
Saturday, February 27th 10:00 - 11:00h

Meet people who are building contemporary jewellery communities and culture around the world. They all offer unique examples of how different people in different places are shaping the next creative variations of an international language of jewellery. Come hear them reflect on the development of their collectives and how they stay strong, curious, and active.
Erin Daily - Carolina Gimeno - Annika Pettersson - Raewyn Walsh