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Meeting  /  NYCJW2019  /  21 Nov 2019  -  24 Nov 2019
Published: 17.11.2019

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HERE WE ARE is a project created by NYC Jewelry Week to celebrate the diversity that makes NYC incredible. The two-pronged initiative launches with a visual campaign designed to introduce NYC, and the world, to a diverse group of working artists, designers and makers in the field of jewelry across NYC. 

Artist list

Adri Jewelry, Mad Aunty, Lil Bling, Bonometti, Candide, Aziza Handcrafted, Bond Hardware, Heavy Metals NYC, Height & Light, Jam & Rico, Adri Jewelry, Aur Jewelry, Ashley Khirea Wahba, L’Enchanteur, Angely Martinez, Johnny Nelson, Beryl Perron-Feller, Sewit Sium, The Benchmark Collection, Vestigial Time, Lorraine West, Meiyi Yang, Flora Zhai
Intended to be a visual map of where the diversity lives, HERE WE ARE is designed to illustrate that diversity lives EVERYWHERE and allow consumers, businesses, retailers, buyers and more to connect with the jewelers involved to encourage inclusion throughout the jewelry industry in NYC. The visual campaign will be released in advance of NYCJW November 18th – 24th, 2019. Stay tuned for release details here.

HERE WE ARE: The Marketplace is a market-focused project designed to provide a platform for the new client connection, brand presentation, and exposure both to the industry and directly to the public for jewelers that represent a spectrum of diversity.

The NYC Jewelry Week Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Program is focused on three (3) tiers of impact and action: Awareness + Education + Empowerment

We embrace the responsibility and accountability in cultivating a diverse & inclusive culture within the jewelry community. We take a stand to build an environment of commitment to equality through diversity & inclusion mindfulness, relationships and conversation. Our initiatives and programming exists to tackle barriers to entry, provide access to information & resources, create economic opportunities, and embrace accessibility and sustainability practices in the jewelry industry in New York City. We, in agreement with the City of New York, recognize an inclusive community is made of everyone.

Per the City of New York’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services, diversity is defined as the inclusion of people that are different. We recognize the truth that where inclusion is absent, diversity is also. “To demonstrate diversity, we must engage the inclusion of everyone. Who is everyone? Everyone exists as a mix of age, culture, disability, expertise & education, family status, gender, gender identity/expression, language, majority, minority, national origin, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and veteran status.”

Through the NYCJW Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Program, we extend our dedication to promoting and celebrating the world of jewelry through education and innovative focused programming. We achieve this by building a culture for all through awareness, education, and empowerment through equity, diversity, and inclusion.

“Differences are to be valued. Compliance, alone, is a required action, not a value.” – City of New York Citywide Administrative Services – Citywide Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity – Diversity and Inclusion.
NYCJW is excited to welcome Elliot Carlyle as Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Here We Are is sponsored by The William Vale and Greenwich Street Jewelers.


Join us for three days of exceptional jewelry from NYC-based artists.

Day 1, Nov. 21, Thursday, 12 pm - 8 pm 
Marketplace kicks-off with a curated selection of jewelry from local jewelers, an exhibition of jewelry themed art, and conversations about NYC & jewels. 

Day 2 - Nov. 22, Friday, 12 pm - 8 pm 
A day of styling and wearing: join jewelers, influencers and photographers throughout the day leading conversations and activations for public involvement. 

Day 3 - Nov. 23, Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm
A series of cross-disciplinary and explorative one-on-one conversations between designers within the market and professionals from various fields in a discussion about inspiration, acceptance, and style.
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Stay tuned for a timed schedule of events and a full list of participating jewelers coming soon!
Meiyi Yang. Earrings: In Between, 2017. Brass. 80 x 300 x 20 cm. Meiyi Yang
Earrings: In Between, 2017
80 x 300 x 20 cm
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Angely Martinez. Piece: Untitled, 2019. Silver, tourmaline.. Angely Martinez
Piece: Untitled, 2019
Silver, tourmaline.
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