Hunter from Elsewhere. A Journey with Helen Britton

Meeting  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2022  /  08 Jul 2022  -  10 Jul 2022
Published: 02.06.2022

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Filmed over a four-year period, this poetic film is a multi-layered portrait of a story hunter in Germany and Australia and a subjective narration of a relationship between the protagonist, her work, and the filmmaker. A reflection on art, memories, and storytelling.
Hunter from Elsewhere - a Journey with Helen Britton (97 min, color, Eng. OV).

A poetic documentary by Elena Alvarez Lutz
A shiny blue bird in a thorny thicket of dark silver, stone drops falling from a metal cloud, a ghost train loaded with mysterious treasure – Australian artist Helen Britton’s objects seem to emerge from some forgotten Wunderkammer. And yet her pieces are modern and avant-garde, admired and collected around the world. 

Accompanying the artist on her search for precious and everyday materials and her exploration of nearly forgotten craft techniques, Hunter From Elsewhere – A Journey With Helen Britton shows her encounters with the last remaining keepers of a vanishing knowledge, following her from Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate), via Lauscha (Thuringia), passing through the industrial landscapes of her childhood in Mulubinbar/Newcastle (Awabakal Country, Australia) and Bangkok. Finally, Helen Britton grants the audience a private look inside her Munich workshop: to watch her transforming her trouvailles and travel impressions into jewellery, sculpture, drawing, installation, preparing coming exhibitions, and discussing her work with curators. 

Directors Note:
I met Helen Britton more than twenty years ago, at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts, when she was a guest student in Otto Künzli’s goldsmith class. Later I spent years accompanying her with my camera: the images captured speak of searching and seeing – movements in nature, industrial ruins, collapsing culture, vanishing craftsmanship, the magic of creation.
My attitude is a poetic one. I wanted to make a film that transports the audience into a dream, while granting the space for this to happen. It was then in the editing, that the film found its rhythm, its form and its voice – a long creative process. The soundtrack includes compositions by cult bands - The Notwist, Driftmachine, Radio Citizen, Sasebo, Exlex and Mount Hush.

The documentary will be screened during Schmuck 22, the artist and the filmmaker will be present.

Where: Theatiner Kino

When: Friday 08.07. at 4:00 p.m. & Sunday 10.07. at 11:00 a.m

About the Director:
Elena Alvarez Lutz grew up in Madrid and Málaga, studied film at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film in Munich, lives in Munich and Málaga and works as an independent filmmaker and producer.
Hunter from Elsewhere Trailer.
Soundtrack: Radio Citizen - Bangu (N.Greffel). Sound Voyage - Super Molam (N.Schabel/T.Wieland)

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Helen Britton being photographed for her retrospective Interstices..
Helen Britton being photographed for her retrospective Interstices.

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Helen Britton working on pieces for Wildstone..
Helen Britton working on pieces for Wildstone.

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Helen Britton in Mulubinbar, Newcastle..
Helen Britton in Mulubinbar, Newcastle.

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