International Symposium for Jewellery Design in Higher Education

Meeting  /  20 Oct 2019
Published: 11.10.2019

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In view of the jewelry art education topic, discusses how to carry out jewelry talent training under the background of globalization; How does sustainable design affect the development of jewelry education in the future? In the face of the arrival of artificial intelligence wave, what changes will happen to jewelry field, and discussed the future development of the international association of jewelry design Academic.
Academic host: Hu Jun (Professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology).
1. How should we educate students for jewellery discipline under the globalization background?
2. How will the sustainable design philosophy influence the education in jewellery discipline?
3. What kind of changes will take place in the jewellery industry with the new wave of artificial intelligence?
4. What is your suggestion and expectation for the international jewellery college association?

Location: Conference Room at the 2nd floor, Innovation Park, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.