Meeting  /  14 Mar 2015
Published: 09.03.2015
Sylvia Katzwinkel

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The collaborative performance is, as well as for the ears, a concert for the eyes.
London based punk group Scrotum Clamp will be returning to Munich to gig during Schmuck this year.  Scrotum Clamp combines theatricality, punk rock, banter and stylish outfits. Hovis (vocals) and Witchy P (bass) are both members of the jewellery group Dialogue Collective (who have been showing work at Schmuck in collaboration with 84 GHz for the past five years and this year are exhibiting at Marionettentheater Kleines Spiel)

The gig will be a collaboration of music and jewellery with the band adorned in creations by Dialogue Collective and special guests. The show will culminate in a joint performance of Clamp and Collective. ‘The hottest show in town… I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.’ Sam Wall, jewellery critic.

“Live!“, Punk Music by Scrotum Clamp, Jewellery from The Dialogue Collective