PREZIOSA 2015. Florence Jewellery Week. Connecting worlds - Identity / Diversity

Meeting  /  28 May 2015  -  03 Jun 2015
Published: 03.04.2015
PREZIOSA 2015. Florence Jewellery Week. Connecting worlds - Identity / Diversity.
Le Arti Orafe
Giò Carbone
Giò Carbone, Cristina Jacomelli

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LAO, Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence, has organized an intensive 7-day event devoted to the jewellery world and the complex relationships between artistic research, crafts and design.
The event also aims to focus on the cultural aspects of identity/diversity, which is one of the main topics of the debate in recent years.

Connecting worlds

Artistic research, handicrafts, design, new technologies.

Artistic research, design and quality craftsmanship are closely-linked aspects, sometimes difficult to distinguish. One without the others would not make sense, and each one has its roots in the others. In recent decades these aspects have been artificially and forcibly set in opposition to each other, but nowadays this trend is changing, to the benefit of mutual attention and integration.
Artistic research has made tremendous progress over the past 40 years, especially in Europe, while in this part of the world quality craftsmanship seemed to be back in a "runner-up" position, and design has been mainly linked to industrial production. The jewellery designer, understood as a person who invents, manufactures and markets his/her products, found significant space in a few countries, such as Germany and the UK, while remaining marginal in Italy.
In recent years, many young people have returned to manual and creative activities (by natural choice or due to unfavorable economic conditions, and supported by new technologies), rediscovering the value of traditional knowledge and skills, until recently considered "outdated" and therefore not very interesting.
An important role in this “return to crafts” is played by new technologies (especially the CAD world), the widespread use of alternative materials, and the ability to combine different skills in the creation of objects to wear ..... the jewel finally seems released from its "dusty" concept and creating jewellery becomes a very palatable field of experimentation.
In different geographical areas, such as Africa and India, craft activity is still a very important aspect of social life. The artifacts are related to family and clan rituals, to social status, to religious and secular celebrations, and materials, as well as work processes, have remained unchanged.
These aspects are a rich heritage, not only to the society in which they have developed, but for all mankind.
The project aims to contribute to the reconciliation of these aspects by presenting the work of some artists (from Europe, China, Russia), some designers and some master craftsmen from Italy, Africa and India.
Schools and academies have an important role in spreading the culture related to artistic research, design, and the transmission of craft traditions and skills.
The FJW project also includes a tribute to the city of Florence, which can boast a glorious past for its "botteghe" and of course for the incomparable glories of its artists, but lives in a present that has slowly depleted this content. A few excellences still survive in the town, and in recent times show signs of revival thanks to some young people who are courageously rediscovering quality craftsmanship.

All the FJW’s activities are hosted in the “Oltrarno” district.

Fondazione Salvatore Romano, P.zza S.Spirito 29
Istituto dei Bardi, Via dei Michelozzi 2
ZetaEffe Gallery, Via Maggio 47/R
Liceo Artistico Statale di Porta Romana, Piazzale Porta Romana 9
LAO, Via dei Serragli 104
Chiostro delle Leopoldine, P.zza Tasso
Istituto Pio X Artigianelli, Via dei Serragli 104

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Direction: Giò Carbone >
Office: Cristina Jacomelli > or



Florence Jewellery Week
All events are hosted in evocative and beautiful places in the “Oltrarno” district, the most authentic and active in town, which has also been home to LAO’s venues since 1985.

- Opening ceremony:
Thursday, May 28 at 18.00.
Santo Spirito Cloister

- Exhibitions:
/ 29 May – 3 June / 10.00 – 18.00 /

Fondazione Salvatore Romano,  Istituto Dei Bardi and ZetaEffe Gallery.

- Invited artists:
Mi-Mi Moscow, Nora Fok, Bifei Cao, Zhenghong Wang, Kezhen Wang, Xavier Monclús, Philip Sajet
Istituto dei Bardi

- Preziosa Young 2015:
Sang Deok Han, Jie Sun, Tithi Kutchamuch, Seoyeon Lee, Daniela Hedman.
ZetaEffe Galleria.

The project, launched in 2005 is an international event, to promote different aspects of Research Jewellery conceived as an autonomous form of artistic research.

- Jewellery Presentations:
/ 30 May / 11.00 – 13.00 /
Fondazione Salvatore Romano, Istituto dei Bardi e ZetaEffe Gallery.

- Workshop:
/ 31 May – 2 June / 9.00 – 18.00
Le Arti Orafe

Philip Sajet, Please, No Diamonds Today
Xavier Monclùs, Objet Trouvé

- Lectures:
/  29 May / 11.00 – 18.00 /
Liceo Artistico Statale di Porta Romana.

May 29 will be entirely dedicated to lectures regarding the world of contemporary jewellery. Interventions, in Italian and English, with simultaneous translation, will address all public. The main theme will be the relationship between innovation and tradition in the jewellery world from an international point of view. Can knowledge and traditional craft techniques coexist and cooperate with new technologies? Or, instead, are new technologies allowing to rediscover and exploit ancient crafts? We will deepen the debate giving a look at the European situation and then moving to China, India and Africa.

Contemporary Jewelry. Innovation or Mimesis? Insights from Germany / 11.00 – 12.00 /
Barbara Schmidt, Jewellery designer, director of the Akademie für Gestaltung, Munich.

A Cosmos of African Jewellery- Traditional and Contemporary Concepts in Black African and Muslim Societies / 12.00 – 13.00 /
Martina Dempf
, Jewellery Designer and Social Anthropologist, Berlin.

A New Silk Road - The common language ad crossing fertilizations of Craftsmanship / 14.00 – 15.00 /
Gabriele Goretti, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)

The Development of Chinese Contemporary Jewelry / 15.00  – 16.00  /
Shannon Guo
, Associate Professor, Jewelry and Metals Studio, Fine Arts College of Shanghai University and Artistic Director Two Cities Gallery, Shanghai.

The Marriage of Ornaments, Symbolism and the Hindu Woman / 16.00  – 17.00 /
Shruti Agrawal
, Gunjan Shruti Jewellery, Mumbai.

New craft. Artigianalità e gioiello contemporaneo / 17.00 – 18.00 /
Maria Cristina Bergesio
, Art critic and teacher, Florence.


- Special sections:
/ 28 May – 3 June /
Istituto Dei Bardi.

The magical of India (curator, Ganjam Nagappa & Son, Bangalore)
An Indian goldsmith will give a live demonstration on traditional crafts
I'm not just a skilled worker!   A short video realized along with traditional South Indian jewellery makers

African Affairs - Jewellery Statements (curator, Martina Dempf)
Exhibition of a collection of traditional jewellery from various African Countries.
Exhibition of contemporary jewellery created in occasion of workshops realized by Martina Dempf in Rwanda

Traditional Jewellery from Africa (curator, Martina Dempf)
Exhibition of a collection of traditional jewellery from various African Countries.
Exhibition of contemporary jewellery created in occasion of workshops realized by Martina Dempf in Rwanda

- New Technologies for Goldsmiths & Artists:
/ 30 May / 15.00 – 18.00 /
Liceo Artistico Statale di Porta Romana.

The afternoon of May 30 is the perfect continuation of May 29. Scanning, modeling, as well as design and 3D printing, have revolutionized the working processes for goldsmiths and craftsmen. But what might surprise us,  at first sight, is the fact that the new technologies have contributed to rediscover the value of traditional knowledge. We will discover how and in which terms technologies contribute to move  forward in the goldsmiths’ work, while looking increasingly to the past and to what have been done until now.

CAD, 3D Printing, Innovative Lost-Wax Casting, Laser Soldering
- 15.00 – 16.00 Abacus, Piacenza: “3D scanning and modeling”
- 16.00 – 17.00 Riacetech, Arezzo: “Innovative lost-wax casting”
- 17.00 – 18.00 Progold S.p.a, Vicenza: “3D Metal Printing: Revolution in jewellery production process” and “XBRAX® Solder Paste: Tradition, Simplicity & Innovation in high jewellery”

- Becoming True
Project, by NAA. In collaboration with OMA – Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte
/ 29 May / 18.00 – 19.00 /
Liceo Artistico Statale di Porta Romana.

- The Master Craftsmen:
/ 30 May – 3 June / 17.00 – 19.00 /
Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School.

On the afternoon of May 31, at LAO’s laboratories and at the Istituto Pio X Artigianelli’s courtyard, craftsmen’s live demonstrations will be held. The idea is to make people discover the techniques and the various steps of the making process. This will be the occasion to show not only their passion for this work, but also the art of creation and the power to transmit the traditional competences. We will witness demonstrations of processing silver, embossing and chisel, feathers, straw, mosaics, marble, stone and engraving.

Some excellent craftsmen will give a public demonstration of their work.
Gianfranco Pampaloni, Silver
Lorenzo Foglia, Embossing and chisel
Giuseppe Casale, Hand-engraving
Duccio Mazzanti, Feathers
Marco Paci, Florentine mosaic
Filippo Vinattieri, Hand-engraving
Manetti Battiloro, Gold leaf
Francesco Pinzauti, Stone setting
Memar, Straw hats and accessories
- LAO’S 30th Anniversary:
/ 31 May and 1 June /
Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School.

The school is organizing a meeting between alumni, from different generations and from all over the world, who have remained emotionally attached to the school and to Florence; it will include a “brain-storming” discussion and cultural exchanges through the stories of the participants’ professional experiences in different countries. The meeting will also be an opportunity to officially launch the creation of the "international network of exchange and collaboration" among LAO’s former students.


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 Opening Ceremony: Thursday, May 28 at 18.00. At Santo Spirito Cloister

About Florence Jewellery Week

FJW is under the patronage of:
Comune di Firenze
Regione Toscana
MIBACT (Ministero dei Beni Culturali e del Turismo)

FJW has adhered to:
Expo Milano 2015

FJW in Florence, Oltrarno:
Florence, and especially the Oltrarno district, on the left bank of the Arno river, is an international connecting point for jewellery design research and a historic location of ancient art trades and high traditional craftsmanship, also hosting such schools of international level as LAO, where students gather from all over the world to study the art of jewellery in its most traditional shapes and in all new contemporary interpretations.

Fondazione Salvatore Romano, Piazza S.Spirito 
Istituto dei Bardi, Via dei Michelozzi
Chiostro di Santo Spirito, Piazza S.Spirito
ZetaEffe Galleria, Via Maggio 
Istituto d’Arte di Porta Romana,  Piazzale Porta Romana
LAO – Le Arti Orafe, Via dei Serragli
Istituto Pio X Artigianelli, Via dei Serragli
Le Leopoldine, Piazza Torquato Tasso
About LAO
Established in Florence in 1985 by Giò Carbone, Le Arti Orafe (The Art of Jewellery”) was the first Italian school devoted to contemporary jewellery, conceived along original lines that combine technical training, contemporary design, artistic research. 
With its completely innovative teaching methods, continuously updated and in perpetual evolution, the school has left behind the old educational stereotypes, and has invented, tested and refined a creative, personalised way of learning, without losing sight of the acquisition of the techniques and concepts.
Nowadays the school is the most important private school in Europe, is Credited by the Educational Authority, and has many imitators, in Florence, in Italy and around the world 
LAO has always stood out because of its activities in promoting jewellery culture in the widest and most complete sense of the expression, and for many years organizes exhibitions, conferences, meetings related to contemporary research jewellery.
Le Arti Orafe Headquaters.
Le Arti Orafe Headquaters

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