Radiant Pavilion. Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial 2019

Meeting  /  07 Sep 2019  -  15 Sep 2019
Published: 06.09.2019
Samantha Dennis. Brooch: Coleoptera, 2019. Glazed ceramic sterling silver, stainless steel.. Photo by: Mel de Ruyter. From series: Coleoptera. Part of the exhibition Coleoptera.. Samantha Dennis
Brooch: Coleoptera, 2019
Glazed ceramic sterling silver, stainless steel.
Photo by: Mel de Ruyter
From series: Coleoptera
Part of the exhibition Coleoptera.

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Radiant Pavilion is a celebration of the many aspects of contemporary jewellery and object practice in Melbourne and around the world.
Drawing from the strong community surrounding contemporary jewellery and object in Melbourne, Radiant Pavilion has taken shape over the past five years and encompasses events from national and international artists.