Radiography of Contemporary Jewellery

Meeting  /  10 Mar 2016  -  30 Apr 2016
Published: 02.03.2016

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We work in an area that is still new in Chile, which produces fascination and wonder. Under the name of Contemporary Jewellery things are being made for quite a time and gradually the wall of silence is lifted. What it looked distant, is getting closer.
Worlds were opened with the arrival of these artists , who were not satisfied with the way the jewellery worked previously. Exhibitions, jewellery schools , fairs, travel , foreign guests , lectures, discussions and the emergence of a public and consumers, countless events that account for the installation of this issue, for those who started a while ago was unimaginable in those years of  "the first steps". With Joya Brava Association and Joyeros Argentinos we think it's time for reflection , time to look ourselves in the mirror . Much has been done , but not enough , we want more.

The seminar presented born from the ideal of those of us who are in this and dream about the future of what we are experiencing . We want roots, we want the discipline to installed and stay, that is why we invite you to join this introspection, which will be a radiography we hope will leave fruits ,wake up will and commitment. 

We are making the history of contemporary jewellery in this part of the world and we thank you in advance for dreaming with us.


Museo de Artes Decorativas, First Floor Exhibition Room
Inauguration: 10 March at 18h 
Date: 10 to 24 March
Tuesday - Friday: from 10 to 17.30h
Free parking inside the premises

Radiography of the Scene of Chilean Contemporary Jewellery Conferences an working tables.
Venue: Museo de Artes Decorativas, First Floor Auditorium
Date: 15 - 16 March from 10 to 17.30h.

Cultural Centre Casa Prochelle I
Inauguration: 1 April at 19.30h 
Date: 1 - 30 April
Monday - Saturday: from 10 to 13h & from 15 to 20h 

What do we talked about when we talked about Contemporary Jewellery
Venue: Cultural Centre Casa Prochelle I 
Date: 2 April at 16h