Triple Parade

Meeting  /  19 May 2015  -  24 May 2015
Published: 06.05.2015
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and TAFA Art Museum
Jie Sun

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It is a great pleasure to see it come into being. Triple Parade is an excellent example of cultural exchange between China and the Netherlands on a multitude of levels. The exchange of cultures is of paramount importance as a means to a deeper understanding, which in turn paves the way for better relations in many other areas, not only cultural, but also political and economic. / Foreword on Triple Parade 2014, H.E. Mr. Aart Jacobi, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing.

The TRIPLE PARADE continues its collaboration with leading institutes in between Europe and China, presenting the second edition, TRIPLE PARADE 2015 - International Contemporary Jewellery Festival. From 19 to 24 May 2015 (exhibition till 29 May), hosted by Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and TAFA Art Museum in Tianjin/China. The central exhibition and content will travel to Helsinki/Kuopio in Finland at late of this year. TRIPLE PARADE 2015 is encompassing a series of exciting programs: Central Exhibition, Special Lecture Series, Jewellery Forum, and Designer Research Workshops, during Tianjin International Design Week 2015, welcoming a wide range of audience to engage with the Festival. A creation beyond the definition of Triple or Parade, in order to find tools and conversation for the future makes possible new beginnings. It is through the plurality of “languages” of this year’s TRIPLE PARADE that the International Contemporary Jewellery Festival emerges.

Duration: 19-24 May/2015
Location: Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, TAFA Art Museum in China.
Project Leaders: Hilde De Decker, Eija Tanninen-komulainen, Dongdong Zhuang. 
Curator: Jie Sun
Organizer: Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Studio Jie Sun
Co-Organizer: Kuopio Academy of Design/Savonia University of Applied Sciences, St Lucas University College of Art&Design Antwerp.  
Support:Embassy of Finland in Beijing, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Arts Promotion Center Finland, The Ladies Association Kuopio, Dutch Culture-Center for International Cooperation.

An official opening reception of the Triple Parade 2015, also present as the opening of the Exhibition, with an introduction by the Curator, Museum and Academy Directors, Invited Experts, Officials from the Embassy and City of Tianjin. etc.

A Dialogue Across Three Lands on Contemporary Jewellery - Finland, China, Belgium.

In cooperation with Kuopio Academy of Design / Savonia University of Applied Sciences, St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. The Central exhibition titled Dialogue covers three spheres of jewellery, is giving a positive view into the developments of contemporary jewellery design with a focus on three countries – Belgium, Finland, China. It presents a selection of the country’s newest jewellery design ideas through a mixture of established and emerging designers. Known for its forward-thinking and inspiring exhibitors. The selected designers and artists are made by the project leaders: Hilde De Decker for Belgium, Eija Tanninen for Finland, and Dongdong Zhuang for China. Moreover, this exhibition is a part of program 65th anniversary of Finland diplomatic relations with China.
Selected 19 designers:
Sofie Boons, Liesbet Bussche, Shana Teugels, Charlotte van de Velde, Hilde De Decker, Malvine Marichal, Shu LIANG, Studio1-1 Danyi ZHU&Yuan TIAN, Xiaoyu ZHANG, Dongdong ZHUANG, Xiao LIU, Jichang Chai, Jie SUN, Jenni Rutonen, Anna-Reetta Väänänen, Matti Mattsson, Helena Falkenberg, Susanna Yläranta, Anna-Reetta Pitkänen,

On Wednesday 20 May, we takes place an day with two lectures at the TAFA Art Museum by the leading Danish expert Troels Degn Johansson, head of Institute Product Design at KADK, lecture titled: Danish Design--Today and Tomorrow; And the other one titled: A trained eye sees more, by the well-known Dutch educator/photographer Corinne Noordenbos, whose just received the Prestigious Education Award by British Royal Photographic Society.

International Jewellery Forum is the pre-eminent platform to explore and debate the powerful and pressing issues facing jewellery in the contemporary world. The full day program offers an international exploration of the complex interaction between jewellery design, gallery, university, foundation, museum, brand; It brings together some of the most revered names from Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands and China. Comprising keynote speeches, panel discussions, fast-paced presentations and Q&A sessions, the Forum creates a rich platform for open discussion and debate.
Eija Tanninen, Director of Kuopio Academy of Design (1.)
Hilde De Decker, Head of Jewellery, St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp (12.)
Paul Derrez & Willem Hoogstede, Directors of Gallery RA Amsterdam (5.&11.)
Miecke Oosterman, Collector/ Board member of Françoise van den Bosch Foundation (4.)
James Tergau, Art and Design Historian (3.)
Liesbet Bussche, Designer and Researcher (10.)
Fei TENG, Professor Jewellery Dep. Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (6.)
Jie SUN, Founder and Curator of TRIPLE PARADE, Researcher, Designer (2.)
Xuxiang TANG, Professor and Head of Jewellery Dep. Tsinghua University, Beijing (7.)
Danyi ZHU, Designer and Founder of Studio 1.1 / Beijing (8.)
Guoyuan DENG, Director of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (9.)

Material Exploration workshop will lead by Matti Mattsson; The other one CH-ewelry, the Chinese archetypes will lead by Liesbet Bussche.

The publication is a knowledgeable guide to TRIPLE PARADE 2015, with a new concept and a new approach to the content, and remains the ultimate printed platform for jewellery and related subjects. In order to make it so, photographer Thomas Aangeenbrug re-photographed the exhibited jewellery objects with a concept by constructing dimensional layers with space between three transparent glass sheets. Moreover, honorably, invited the truly leading ones in the field from a diverse range of perspectives to contribute to it. Including the recent interview of Gijs Bakker, a world renown designer and the pioneer of contemporary Dutch design who indeed broke the ice of what is so-called jewellery; And a beautiful article with a view on Craft Curation, contributed by the most leading expert Glenn Adamson, director the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in New York city; Plus, an interesting article from James Tergau in which he brings an art historian’s perspective to jewellery design.

Hilde de Decker (Top), Shana Teugels (middle), Shu Liang (bottom). Image Middle: Liesbet Bussche (front), Shu Liang (top), Anna-Reetta Pitkänen (bottom). Image Right: Jie SUN (front), Shu LIANG  (middle) , Charlotte van de Velde (back).
Photographer Thomas Aangeenbrug

Photographer Thomas Aangeenbrug

About the Curator:
Jie Sun actively engages in both Euro­pean and Asian design culture, as de­signer, lecturer and curator. He has a background in contemporary jewellery and material research. Jie Sun lived and worked the past 13 years in both Bei­jing and Amsterdam. He currently holds a doctoral research fellow position at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Copenhagen International Center for Creative (KiCK) in Denmark.

Background of TRIPLE PARADE :
Central to the concept of TRIPLE PARADE is to set up a diverse dialogue between three, this idea is inspired by the philosophy of Confucius (551BC-479BC): “Even when walking in a party of just three, I can always be certain of learning from those I am with. There will be good qualities that I can select for imitation and bad ones that will teach me what requires correction in myself.” Based on this concept, the first edition TRIPLE PARADE 2014 - Dialogue Across Generation on Design was supported by National Creative Industries Fund NL, with a program (travelling exhibition, lectures, workshops) with jewellery designers from three generations in the Netherlands to China, it shown a unique and high quality works, innovated and diversified the focus of applied arts sector particularly into jewellery.

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