The Uniqueness of You. A Fashion Event

Meeting  /  15 Nov 2017
Published: 07.11.2017

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An event particularly for independent, creative, entrepreneurial and confident women like you looking to add unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to your closet and jewelry case.
Patina and Carlisle can help you look radiant! That’s why we’re teaming up to serve you! We all want to have those things that no one else has and, more importantly, that deeply define our individual style and personality. We’ve identified some of the most stunning, classic and unique pieces to showcase to you. Additionally, both Patina and Carlisle offer you our heartfelt commitment to outstanding client services as well as excellence in every aspect of design and craftsmanship. 

About the Collection:
At Carlisle Collection of Santa Fe, Phyllis, Susan, and Victoria are your personal stylists, passionate about creating a fun, meaningful and unique shopping experience that is about more than clothes. They are with you every step to listen to you and guide you in the search for fashions that evoke confidence, honor the spirited traveler and acknowledge your desire for a free and fun lifestyle.

Likewise, Patina Gallery inspires your independent spirit. Jewelry makers the world over recognize Allison as an expert in contemporary art jewelry, a distinction earned by serving downtown Santa Fe for more than two decades. Known as one of Santa Fe’s most beautiful and serene galleries, Patina offers expertly curated soul-stirring works by the world’s finest makers of contemporary art jewelry.

RSVP by November 8th!
Jocelyn Montoya at or 505.986.3432