The Verticals 2016

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Published: 16.06.2016

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Following the success of the Verticales 2015, the dream team made up of La Garantie and Résidences, supported by the town hall of the 3rd arrondissement and Paris College of Art, are now inviting Helen Britton, Tim Carson, and Marc Monzó, for three successive 3 days conference+exhibition+workshop.
The agenda has been set up so to make the workshops as accessible as can be:
they are scheduled as close as possible to weekends, with several weeks’ gap in between each workshop, and decreasing rates. Neither are they "technical" workshops: we have asked each of the artists to concentrate on the creative process. 
They are coming especially for you: make the most of it.

The conference & the exhibition

This is about exchanging and sharing. Each speaker is invited to read a short text reflecting her/his artistic approach, and to discuss it during the following hour.
The program is international and showcases different approaches to contemporary jewelry. These conferences are free and open to all.

The conference is then followed by a one-evening exhibition at gallery Résidences, 59 rue de Bretagne. The artists will present pieces of jewelry selected in resonance with the text previously read: A truly special moment for a less formal exchange with the public, providing visitors with the opportunity to handle the works around drinks and a buffet.
This 2nd part of the evening (exhibition+buffet) will only be accessible through a pre-registration at and a €5 cover charge.
Please be so kind as to book no later than 2 days before each event.

The workshops
They will take place at the Paris College of Art from 10am to 6pm, on Fridays and Saturdays after each conference.
The visiting artists have been chosen for the diversity of their creative practices, and each will propose a specific program. A list of supplies will be sent to each participant prior to the workshop, determined by each artist's project (this list will be modest: scissors, paper, metal wire, pliers, sticky tape, pencils, etc...)
The workshops are open to all, and registrations will be confirmed on a first come first served basis.


The workshops will take place if at least 6 participants register;
Deadline for registration and settlement of 50% down payment is the 15th of July 2016.