Athens Jewelry Week 2017 Call for applications

Open call  /  23 Nov 2016  -  30 Jan 2017
Published: 23.11.2016

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Athens Jewelry Week made its debut last summer in Athens. The organization, aspiring to evolve to an institution that could breathe new life into contemporary jewelry in Greece, managed to bring together Greek jewelry designers living in the country and abroad, schools, galleries and a broad audience that supported the entire event. Through a series of exhibitions, lectures and workshops that took place in several spots downtown Athens, visitors had the chance to follow a particular route in the city and discover the contemporary trend of art jewelry, by artists who consider jewelry as a form of art, while using the body and its adornments as their “canvas”.
New deadline: January 30th 2017.

This second edition of Athens Jewelry Week opens its boundaries, hoping to establish a bridge and a dialogue between national and international participants. Athens Jewelry Week 2017 will take place in Athens in early summer. All events scheduled (exhibitions, actions, performances, seminars, lectures) will open to the public between 31/5 and 4/6. Depending on their content/purpose, they may last from one day up to one month.

Athens Jewelry Week aims through collective action, to promote Contemporary Greek Jewelry both in Greece and abroad, enhancing awareness and exchange of views, while establishing a dialogue between national and international designer/makers or entities active in the Contemporary Jewelry field. In particular, it aims to:

- Inform and educate the public on issues related to Contemporary Jewelry as an art form and a means of creative expression,
- Support individual artists and creative groups that are active in this particular field and
- To bring together all interested and collaborative parties/members (artists, galleries, collectors, museums and other institutions promoting the arts and culture etc.) through communication and networking.

The organization Athens Jewelry Week 2017 is addressed to jewelry schools, independent designers / makers, groups and galleries from all countries around the world that consider jewelry as an art form and that through their action are trying to push the boundaries, expand and enrich the field of Contemporary Jewelry. Thus, it is open to proposals for solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, external actions, performances, mini workshops, lectures etc. There are no restrictions regarding the material, size and concept of the work presented, however, no brand names will be admitted to participate.
As the aim of the event is to present to the wider public the specifics, diversity and artistic dimension of Contemporary Jewelry, special attention will be given to proposals that emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary artistic creativity in this field.

Participants, will be selected by a Jury according to the following criteria:
- Conceptual approach, research line, coherence of work
- Originality of design, composition and/or materials used
- Craftsmanship and/or technical Innovation.
The selection of the artists, groups, galleries and schools that will be participating in Athens Jewellery Week 2017 will be officially announced by email on February 1st.

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Participation Fee

The application process is free of charge. Participation fee for selected artist is as follows:
Individual Artists interested in participating in the central group exhibition 325 euros.
- Individual Artists interested in organizing a Solo exhibition 250 euros.
- Groups 400 euros up to 3 people, plus 50 euro per additional person.
- Galleries 250 euros.
- Schools 200 euros.
(VAT 24% is not included in the above prices), Fee payment must be received by March 1st, 2017, Bank details to be announced.

Conditions to admission
All exhibitors must provide a complete application package by the mentioned due date. All information submitted must be true and up to date. Only complete applications will be reviewed. The event holds the right to accept or decline any application. The applicant accepts that once the application is selected, this contract holds valid and both parts will be held in accordance to it. All payments of the participation fee must be made by the date specified.
Shipping, Transport, Insurance
All Shipping and Transportation expenses will be covered by the participant(s). AJW reserves the right to correct or remove any material or product that is not suitable to the aim and conditions of the show.
AJW will provide security for the exhibition space. However, it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitors to assume the risk of loss or damage. We recommend that participants insure all pieces against any theft, loss or damage that could arise during the event, including during any transportation or storage.
Sales and Comissions
AJW allows the artists to sell or take special orders or commissions during the fair, without the intervention of the organization. The organization does not manage any relation into sales or commission between artists and potential customers. The use of invoices is obligatory and has to hold the regulations. It is the duty of artists and exhibitors to comply with the regulations in case of selling while participating in the fair. AJW will have no claims or tax liability, thus, does not have a cash drawer or credit/debit card terminal for this purpose.
Photography Video
The participant agrees to the organization´s use of photographs and/or videos of the art material provided by the artists, as well as any taken during the fair, to be used in different media outlets, such as the web, catalogues, posters, magazines, short films, etc. for promotional purposes.
In case of Cancellation
The jury has the right to cancel any participation on the basis of false information or if the participant fails to comply with the criteria and dates specified. Cancellation of contract by the participant holds a 100% penalty of the total value of the participation fee if it is decided after payment has been deposited. Reimbursements will not be issued unless AJW agrees in writing and responds to an exceptional case.