Athens Jewelry Week 2018 Call for Applications

Open call  /  05 Jan 2018  -  19 Jan 2018
Published: 05.01.2018
Snem Yildirim. Necklace: Seven in a Row, 2016. Powder coated brass, re-cycled plastic bottles (nylon wire), cotton.. Photo by: Snem Yildirim. From series: Kanavice Series. AJW 2017 award artist.. Snem Yildirim
Necklace: Seven in a Row, 2016
Powder coated brass, re-cycled plastic bottles (nylon wire), cotton.
Photo by: Snem Yildirim
From series: Kanavice Series
AJW 2017 award artist.

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Athens Jewelry Week aims through collective action, to promote Contemporary Greek Jewelry both in Greece and abroad, enhancing awareness and exchange of views, while establishing a dialogue between national and international designer/makers or entities active in the Contemporary Jewelry field. After the great success of the Second Edition, The Anticlastics group is more than happy to invite you to participate in the third edition of the event: Athens Jewelry Week.

The organization Athens Jewelry Week is addressed to jewelry schools, independent designers/makers, groups and galleries from all countries around the world that consider jewelry as an art form and that through their action are trying to push the boundaries, expand and enrich the field of Contemporary Jewelry. Thus, it is open to proposals for solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, external actions, performances, mini-workshops, lectures etc. There are no restrictions regarding the material, size and concept of the work presented, however, no brand names will be admitted to participate.
As the aim of the event is to present to the wider public the specifics, diversity and artistic dimension of Contemporary Jewelry, special attention will be given to proposals that emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary artistic creativity in this field, while focusing on the ideology and aesthetics that the field is currently carrying.

Key dates:
19th of January: deadline for all the applications
5th of February: official announcement of final participants
23rd of March: the last payment day for selected participants
23rd May: Opening of central Exhibition at Benaki Museum
23rd of May to 30th of May: The official Athens Jewelry Week

Athens Jewelry Week (a walk in the City Centre).
Central Exhibition will be hosted by Benaki Museum.

AJW award - Anticlastics will reward one of the individual artists/participants with the AJW Award. His/her work should show originality, technical quality and conceptual richness. The winner will be invited to participate for free, in the following AJW edition.

Material Quests Award - Benaki Museum Shop - “Material Quests” is a series of exhibitions aiming to highlight unique works in the fields of the applied arts and design that are of exceptional aesthetics, superb craftsmanship and particular artistic inspiration. The prize will be given to the artist, whose work we believe, better represents these qualities. He/She will be given the opportunity to exhibit his/her work at the Benaki Museum’s Shop.

Alchimia Award - Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery celebrates during AJW 2018 the “Alchimia Award”, a tribute to the new faces in the world of contemporary jewellery. This award, consisting of a two-week Intensive Course at Alchimia School in Florence will be given to one of the promising artists that participate in Athens Jewelry Week 2018.

Please click here for more information about Awards.

Participants will be selected by a Jury according to the following criteria:
1) Conceptual approach, research line, coherence of work
2) Originality of design, composition and/or materials used
3) Craftsmanship and/or technical Innovation.
The selection of the artists, groups, galleries and schools that will be participating in Athens Jewelry Week 2018 will be officially announced by email on February 5th.

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Participation Fee:
The application process is free of charge.

Participation fee for the selected artist is as follows:

Individual Artists interested in participating in the central group exhibition 425 euros plus VAT 24% (where applicable).
Individual Artists interested in organizing a Solo exhibition 325 euros plus VAT 24% (where applicable).
– Groups 450 euros up to 3 people, plus 50 euro per additional person. (Plus VAT 24% where applicable).
Group Exhibition is mainly suggested to groups of three or more artists that wish to visit AJW in person, participate actively to the event, design their own project and directly communicate their concepts, techniques, work to the visitors. If you are a group of 2 and still want to participate with a Group Exhibition please write to
– Galleries 325 euros plus VAT 24% (where applicable).
– Schools 250 euros plus VAT 24% (where applicable).
– AJW offers 6 places free of charge to selected applying Students.
Please fill in the Online Application Form and at the "Your message" field write Student Application.

Fee payment must be received by March 23rd, 2018.

Bank details to be announced and further instructions will be given. Please note: when Pay Pal is used for fee payment, the relevant transfer fees/Pay Pal commission, must be paid by the applicant.
Participation fee includes all services described in the following paragraph enlisting obligations of Anticlastics team. (In case of sales during the event, Anticlastics will have no claims or tax liability)

Terms and Conditions:
The following terms and conditions apply to exhibitors participating in ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK, in the main exhibition for Individual Artists. The organization reserves the right to review these terms and conditions without notice.
  • Conditions for admission: All exhibitors must provide a complete application package by the mentioned due date. All information submitted must be true and up to date. All complete applications will be reviewed. The event holds the right to accept or decline any application. Decisions are final. The applicant accepts that once the application is selected, this contract holds valid and both parts will be held in accordance to it. All payments of the participation fee must be made by the date specified. Otherwise, applications will be rejected.
  • Shipping, transportation, insurance: All Shipping and Transportation expenses will be covered by the participant(s). AJW reserves the right to correct or remove any material or product that is not suitable to the aim and conditions of the show. AJW will provide security for the exhibition space. However, it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitors to assume the risk of loss or damage. We recommend that participants insure all pieces against any theft, loss or damage that could arise during the event, including during any transportation or storage.
  • Sales and commissions: AJW allow the artists to sell or take special orders or commissions during the fair/week, without the intervention of the organization. The organization does not manage any relation to sales or commission between artists and potential customers. The use of invoices is obligatory and has to hold the regulations. It is the duty of artists and exhibitors to comply with the regulations in case of selling while participating in the Fair. AJW will have no claims or tax liability, thus, does not have a cash drawer or credit/debit card terminal for this purpose.
  • Photography/Video: The participant agrees to the organization´s use of photographs and/or videos of the art material provided by the artists, as well as any taken during the fair, to be used in different media outlets, such as the web, catalogues, posters, magazines, short films, etc. for promotional purposes.
  • In case of cancellation: The jury has the right to cancel any participation on the basis of false information or if the participant fails to comply with the criteria and dates specified. Cancellation of contract by the participant holds a 100% penalty of the total value of the participation fee if it is decided after payment has been deposited. Reimbursements will not be issued unless AJW agrees in writing and responds to an exceptional case.

For any questions, please mail us:

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