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Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial 2017. Call for Entries

Open call  /  12 Sep 2017  -  18 Sep 2017
Published: 12.09.2017
Beijing Institute of fashion Technology
Lan Cuiqin, Gao Wei, Hu Jun
DEADLINE: 18/09/2017

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2017 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition is scheduled to be held on November 18-26 in Beijing. Themed on "Union & Concurrence", under the meaning of "combination"and "run in parallel", which is mutually exclusive, this exhibition embodies China's national policies of Global View, the Belt and Road, and Win-Win Cooperation, and also represents that the Eastern and Western cultural ecologies respect each other, interact with each other, complement each other and help each other forward in terms of contemporary jewelry art under the multi-cultural context.
The exhibition aims to promote diverse jewelry art creation, exploring the latest concepts of international jewelry art as well as the fashion and development trend of international jewellery business. With concept innovation and academic guidance as its focus, it builds an interactive platform and space for different artistic creation ideas and thoughts. During the exhibition, an international jewelry art academic innovation forum, an international jewelry design education forum, along with an international jewelry fashion trend forum will be held.


1. Works for the exhibition are strictly limited to jewelry works, and other types of works will not be accepted in principle.

2. The works for exhibition shall be the creative works in the past 3 years, which should lay emphasis on aesthetic taste and quality.

3. The size of works is limited within 30cm×30cm×30cm, and the weight of a single piece of work cannot exceed 1kg. Each part of the works shall be connected firmly, with no overall deformation but strong texture and convenience to transport. If there are special circumstances, exhibitors need to contact the Organizing Committee in advance. Organizing Committee reserves right to refuse works which are not consistent with the information table, oversize, overweight, noisy, with the emission of harmful gases, liquid leakage, failure to be transported and exhibited, or considered dangerous to the audience.

4. The artists shall send the works to organizers of the exhibition, and pay the shipping and insurance costs by themselves, but the returning costs shall be borne by the Organizing Committee. During the exhibition, the organizers are responsible for the insurance costs of works. After the exhibition, the organizers are responsible for sending the works back to the authors.

Time and Venue
Time: November 18-26, 2017
Venue: Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Park (BIFTPARK)

Life Style Academy of China
Zhongguancun Fashion Industry Innovation Park (BIFTPARK)
College of Fashion Accessory Art & Engineering
College of Art & Design


Gao Wei, Hu Jun
Telephone: +86-010-56210898
Address: The Organization Committee of 2015 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, No.2, East Yinghua Road, North End of Heping St., Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029