Call for Papers for Klimt02 Forum Section

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Published: 31.01.2024

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Klimt02 is looking for contributors to submit papers, texts, and researches focussing on design, theory, and praxis of jewellery. We aim to publish original papers from jewellers, philosophers, researchers, theorists, curators, historians, and any other relevant to the field to communicate them worldwide.

The Klimt02 Forum is a space for opinion, debate, and exchange. In it you can access articles, interviews, and conferences about art jewellery written by persons interested in reflecting in the world of art, jewellery, and crafts. 

Would you like to add a story of your own? Any interesting interview to share? You are invited to submit your opinions and ideas at Klimt02. Whether you are a maker, writer, curator, student, teacher, collector, historian... we welcome your contributions.


  • The texts can be already published in magazines, books, blogs or any other media or being written to be published at Klimt02.
  • Texts will be fully and properly credited.
  • Every text, written & published exclusively for Klimt02, receives upon agreement free Copyright protection through our Partner CCProof; all previously published texts can be protected by CCProof at a reduced price. 
  • Texts will be accompanied by a portrait of the author, a brief bio, and any image needed to illustrate the text as well as the footer for it, including the photographer.
  • Topics of interest: Critical Thinking, Curating, Education, Exhibiting, Museology, Research, Professional Practice, Theory, Reviews, Master Degree / Ph.D. Thesis...
  • Klimt02 will evaluate, according to our criteria, the possibility of compensation to the contributors for the accepted text.
  • By participating in this Open Call, you accept our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Cookies

Requirements for publication:
  • Texts must be submitted in a Word document file.
  • Images format are 1200 pix wide at 72 dpi.
  • No image is ever reproduced unless prior consent has been granted to Klimt02.
  • Captions for the images including the photographer's name.
  • References and quotes must be properly credited.
  • A short biography of the contributor (150 words), including web links.
  • Contact e-mail of the contributor for readers to send questions or comments to the author

Author & texts will be promoted according to our communication standards throughout the website, newsletter, and klimt02 social media profiles. Please contact us and take an active part in developing the jewellery network.

The opinions expressed in any article or interview
published are the author's or interviewee's own and do not necessarily reflect or express the view of