Crown / Jewels. Auction For Children

Open call  /  07 May 2020  -  10 May 2020
Published: 07.05.2020

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The Art Jewelry Night of Budapest organizes a charity auction with the support of FISE. 100% of the donations go to the institutions! 
Following the very successful Italian initiative, the Crown Jewels Funding Italy & Portuguese-Spanish JEWELLERS IN AuCTION, an online auction will be launched as a continuation KORONA / ÉKSZER - Aukció a Gyermekekért (CROWN / JEWELS Auction For Children) during which we auction the works offered by contemporary jewelry designers.

Our goal is to improve the living conditions of children who suffer from Covid-19 pandemic situation even more. From the proceeds, we intend to support three civil foundations and associations working with children who can provide targeted assistance to those in need through food, educational tools or integration efforts.

Key Dates:
10th of May 2020 - Deadline of uploading photos
11th of May 2020 - Auction starts, and ends at 16th of may 20:00(CET) Central European Time.

Submission details:
- A single PHOTO of the piece of good quality (the photograph should preferably be on a white background).
- If you want to add more photos, you must do so in the comments of the same publication.
- Add a brief description if necessary and the TECHNICAL FILE, with these data:
- Artist’s abbreviation of residence, ES, PT, IT, etc.
- Name of the artist or jeweller
- Name of the piece
- Typology and materials
- Dimensions in cm
- Exit price of the auction - please write it in HUF - hungarian forint(Ft) -> 1 EUR = 350 HUF
- Contact link of the artist or jeweler website, facebook and/or instagram

Each artist is responsible for promoting, sharing and managing the offers of their piece, as well as sending it by mail to the winner once the auction ends, subject to justification by the buyer who has made the deposit of the amount for which he won the auction of the piece to one of the entities with which we want to collaborate.

Please join our jeweller community of  Art Jewelry Night Budapest, and make a donation together.