Open Call for the exhibition Missing Memories

Open call  /  29 Aug 2022  -  06 Nov 2022
Published: 29.08.2022
Open Call for the exhibition Missing Memories.
Juan Riusech
DEADLINE: 06/11/2022
Image from Missing Memories video..
Image from Missing Memories video.

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We were born into a story, it is our life story. It started far before we were born and was itself initiated by the stories of our parents.
All our memories, making up our life story, the nice ones and the painful ones, are moments coming from a state when we were connected. We understand backwards and live forwards, and these memories give us the roots to grow our life on.
As artists we are especially obliged to find more memories, to find those memories that are hiding behind known memories, and that sometimes, by themselves, appear and disappear again. sometimes through associations, sometimes through certain moods, and sometimes we can’t even fathom why.
Due to the very nature of real creativity – creating the new instead of perpetuating the old mechanical ,same’ – We need to find those memories – this is the fuel that is necessary for our future new work.
Finding those memories, that are still nameless, unknown to us, in ourselves: the missing memories of our future. 

Alliages (Contemporary Art Jewelry, non-profit organization) organizes an exhibition to be held from January to March 2023 at Alliages gallery in Lille (France) (*) and during Schmuck 2023 event in Munich, from 8th to 11th of March 2023. More destinations will follow after Munich (April to November 2023). The exhibition theme is « Missing Memories » and each artist may submit their own vision of the subject.  A paper publication will be produced at the end of the exhibition and each artist selected having participated to all dates proposed will have a free copy.

Application : November 6th, 2022 midnight
Short list : November 20th, 2022

  • Jan-Feb 2023 : Lille (#)
  • March 8-11, 2023 : Munich  (#)
  • March-April 2023 : Lille (###)
  • April 2023 : Melting Point Valencia (##)
  • May-Sept 2023 : Lille (###)
  • June or October 2023 : Joya Barcelona (##)
  • Oct-Nov 2023 : Madrid (##)

(#) Mandatory dates
(##) Optional destinations with fee
(###) Optional free of charge when the galery is available


  • Artists working in Contemporary Art Jewelry can apply for this exhibition with a maximum of 3 finished pieces.
  • Artists at any level can apply (students, new graduates & established).
  • All propositions must be one-of-a-kind artworks done in the last 5 years, never shown with ALLIAGES and preferably not shown in previous Jewelry Weeks events.
  • Applications must imperatively be sent via the dedicated form on the ALLIAGES website and must contain all requested data. Any other form of application will not be accepted or taken into consideration. If the data sent is wrong or the form is incomplete, the application will automatically be canceled.
How to apply ?
  1. Go to the Alliages website and apply via the on-line form. 
  2. To be eligible for selection, you must first pay the application fee in section 2 and use the confirmation payment code emailed to you by PayPal once paid. Your submission will NOT be accepted until your payment has been received
  3. You will then be able to apply in section 3.
  4. If you have any problems please send us a message (use the form below or via a DM in Facebook or Instagram)
  • The deadline to apply is Sunday, Nov. 6th, 2022, at midnight.
  • Applications sent after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Only one application per artist will be accepted (first application sent).

A fee of 15 € (fifteen) will be requested for the application (1 to 3 pieces) when the application is sent before Oct. 30th, 2022. A fee of 20 € (twenty) will be requested if the application is sent as from Nov. 1st, 2022.

  • All applicants will be notified by November 20th, 2022 of the curator’s choice via email as to whether their application has been successful or not.
  • The list of selected artists will be published on the Alliages social media accounts.
  • The selected pieces will be displayed at the gallery managed by Alliages in Lille (France) from January 2023 and in Schmuck 2023 event (*).
  • Additional destinations may be added at a later date, though the participation to these new destinations is optional.
  • The exhibition is curated by Juan Riusech, contemporary art jeweler, curator and founder of Alliages.

  • Each artist may freely present their vision of the theme with a free choice of media, materials and size.
  • Works presented must be original and one-of-a-kind. You may submit up to 3 completed pieces.
  • The pieces submitted can be for sale or just for exhibition (not for sale).

  • We require 3 different views of each piece that you are submitting: 1 main view of the entire piece, 1 back vie of the entire piece and 1 of the piece being worn to get an idea of the scale of said piece;
  • You can send images in the following formats: either 1:1 (squared) or 4/3. However, if the work allows, we prefer a 1:1 format;
  • Each image must be 1500-2000px/side, 72dpi, 85% compression;
  • The maximum size for each image is 500kb;
  • We suggest that your work be photographed against a neutral, preferably white, background with good lighting; please avoid using flash;
  • Please ensure that your piece well centred in your image and is completely in focus, not blurry;
  • Please rename your image files in the following way: your-name_title_number-of-view (either 1, 2 or 3). Please do not use any spaces in the filename; you may use dash (-) or underscore (_) instead;
  • We can only accept .jpg/ .jpeg files.

Please include a description of the work you are applying with. This could be about the work itself, your processes or anything you feel is relevant to the work. We ask that it be no more than 500 characters (including spaces and punctuation) and written in English

The selected artists will pay a participation fee of 40 €uros (forty) to participate in Lille event and a fee of 45 (forty-five) for the Munich event. The fees for exhibiting at Alliages and in Munich will cover the costs of the venue hire, shipping of work between venues, promotional material (such as flyer, online advertising etc) and any other costs incurred in order to exhibit the show in both venues. This amount will include the membership to the organization during the time of the exhibition.

Any delay in the payment implies the exclusion of the artist from the exhibition and all further destinations. All taxes or payment charges for this payment fee will be at the artist’s charge.

If new destinations are added after Munich, each destination will have a small fee (35-45 €/each). We aim to keep these fees to a minimum to ensure that everyone who has been selected has a chance to be involved.

The selected artworks must be delivered at least 7 days before the opening date (*). Any work received after this deadline may not be presented. The pieces sent to Alliages must be the same as those sent in the application and selected by the curator.

Each artist has total freedom to make their artwork, however organizers may refuse said work if it proves in any way to have a detrimental or discriminatory message (e.g. racism, hate, etc …) or if the quality of execution is deemed insufficient.

Each artist will send or deliver their work to Alliages at their own expense; this includes any additional taxes or fees that may incur (e.g. custom taxes). The parcel weight cannot exceed 5 kg of total weight.

All the return will be made using the original packaging sent by the artist and via “La Poste”, the French mail-post service. Please note that they will have a tracking service but they will not be insured or have any declared value.
The full cost of return is at artist’s expense, including mandatory incurring taxes (e.g. custom taxes) or expenses. Should the artist wish to collect their work in person or make their own arrangements for a courier, the artist will be the responsible for this cost.
The organisers assume no liability or responsibility for the artist’s work(s) during any of the transportation to any destination and this during all the exhibition period (transportations to any destination are insured by Alliages at any moment).

As a member, each artist will be covered under the terms of the organiser’s insurance contract. All the transportations and exhibitions off-the-walls will not be covered by organiser’s insurance. Each artist may have their own insurance at their own expense.

The artists will respect the Internal Rules of Alliages, Schmuck and all future organisers and structures involved during all the exhibition period.

The selection decisions are irrevocable. In being selected, it is understood thet each artist allows Alliages to reproduce all media and data sent for the purpose of promoting the exhibition, in any format. All media and data sent by the artist can be used by Alliages for further promotion of Contemporary Art Jewelry in general.

Assignment of the right of media reproduction granted by the artist is non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited territory for the distribution of reproductions.

All communications between the organisers and the artists will be in English.
In sending through an application, it is understood that the artist approves the exhibition conditions.
(*) Dates schedule will be sent to the selected artists.
(**) If pandemic rules and/or other eventual events allow.

>>Link to application and payment forms and further information.

© By the author. Read Copyright.