Open Call. Jewellery for Life Symposium

Open call  /  Jewellery   Research   CriticalThinking   Exhibiting   Curating  /  28 Sep 2022  -  16 Oct 2022
Published: 07.10.2022
Zihan Zhou. Brooch: My Gold Tag, 2018. Gold-plated copper, diamond, stainless steel.. Various sizes. Zihan Zhou
Brooch: My Gold Tag, 2018
Gold-plated copper, diamond, stainless steel.
Various sizes
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A unique international event, with a Symposium, Exhibition, Workshops, and Docufilm at the School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, United Kingdom.
Jewellery for Life is a unique international event led and curated by Dr. Roberta Bernabei and will be hosted by the School of Design and Creative Arts at Loughborough University. The event is marked by engaging lectures, dynamic workshops, a group exhibition, and much more.  

Symposium: 30th November - 8th December 2022 

Jewellery for Life 2022 symposium invites original abstracts and submissions addressing the theme below in various ways. We foster submissions from practitioners, researchers, designers, artists, curators, and historians. Abstracts will be selected by an international panel and a limited number of accepted presentations will be included in the symposium programme. The length of abstracts must be maximum 500 words.

The presentations will be approx. 40 minutes.

Send abstracts and for general inquiries:

The Theme 
Jewellery is not only an engagement ring! Jewellery is known to us with its multifaceted roles and values in our life but its implications in the complexities of our society mostly go unnoticed. Although jewellery is widespread in our collective imaginary, it is connected too often with pure embellishment of the human body, and surprisingly rarely reflected upon in design. 

To reflect on jewellery often involves thinking about luxury jewellery or their mass-produced copies. Jewellery research is crucial in how jewellery in action in our lives is understood, designed, and researched. In these times of urgent re-considerations and reflections on our actions, researchers are encouraged to reflect upon the impact of their artefacts in society. Jewellery for Life provides opportunities to reflect on various possibilities of creating meaningful jewellery. It offers a chance to explore multiple roles of jewellery across all areas of design, art, and craft and their research. It instigates a discourse on jewellery as an aid for well-being, and as a cultural and participative design where the act of making becomes fundamental to bring participants’ knowledge expertise, and experience to the fore front. It challenges preconceived ideas that jewellery is relegated to decorate the ‘female’ body as a trophy for the ‘male’ affirmation of his powerful status. Instead, Jewellery for Life shows this medium as a form of art that, for example, manifests political dissent. Inevitably as jewellery has numerous roles in our lives, it brings joy, but it can also bring sadness as it is also associated to crime, and law. The so called ‘Jewellery law’ is an example of traumatic violence when the Danish authorities have the power to confiscate jewellery to arriving asylum seekers.

Event components:
1.) The two-day symposium Jewellery for Life and its Impacts on People will take place on the 30th November-1 st December.

We are very pleased to announce the invited speakers Loretta Trickett, Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Nottingham Trent University, Jayne Wallace, Professor in Craft, Digital Creativity and Wellbeing, Northumbria University, and tbc. 

2.) On the 30th of October we will host the UK premiere docufilm screening of Hunter from Elsewhere – A Journey with Helen Britton by Director Elena Alvarez Lutz.

This is a German documentary that premiered at Munich’s DOK.fest and was screened at the 38th Kassel Dokfest. This film is a poetic story by filmmaker Alvarez Lutz who traces the career of Australian multi-disciplinary artist Helen Britton.

3.) Participatory workshops during the symposium will be run by LU doctoral researchers and ex-students. Mark McLeish, lecturer and multidisciplinary artist from Manchester Metropolitan University will offer a workshop on creating brooches from assembling discarded costume jewellery. The theme will be Rhyme. 

Renjie Yang, LU doctoral researcher will run a workshop on Souvenirs and Cultural Heritage. Rachael Colley, Senior lecturer at SHU, maker, and artist will deliver a jewellery workshop. Rachael will explore the possibilities of working with food waste to create bioplastics, using them to ‘draw’ and test ideas through brushed surface textures and by forming extrusions to create 3D designs.

Other workshops are to be confirmed.

4.)  The group exhibition Jewellery for Life. Jewellery Art & Design in Higher Education at Loughborough aims to capture the international distinctive languages and memories of our alumni, doctoral researchers, tutors and ex-tutors. We recognise and cherish past and present creativity and wish to inspire future generations with this exclusive selection of pieces and archive imagery. The exhibition will open on 30th November until 8 th December. You will be pleased to see the work by Jayne Wallace, Rachael Colley, Mark Mcleish, Jo Pond, Nick Aikman, Christoph Zellweger, Charlotte Jones, Carrie Dickens, Kate Bajic, Erinn M. Cox, Debby Claxton, Yajie Hu, and many others…