Open Call. Amberif Design Award 2017

Open call  /  21 Nov 2016  -  06 Feb 2017
Published: 21.11.2016
Gdańsk International Fair Co.
Barbara Schmidt
Ewa Rachon
DEADLINE: 06/02/2017

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More than 20 years the Amberif Fair invites artists and designers from all over the world to contribute their interpretations on the given subjects.
Periphery In the centre certain rules, loops and rhythms are the guaranty for order. Is inner focus is under control and things seem to be known and safe. But we are aware that these regular structures are surrounded by increasing entropy. The very momentum when the crystallized order starts to flow can also be identified as periphery. An aggregate condition of moving informality begins before everything evaporates further on. In this periphery control seems to get lost, irritation starts, irregularity and openness can happen. Unseen ideas can grow. Our creativity is equally liquid where these two spheres meet.

Resin as a material has the unique ability to leave its set structure behind as well, to pour out of its order and reach the periphery and turn into amber. In this flow enrichment is achieved. How can we interpret amber within jewellery to represent our understanding of periphery and openness?

/ Barbara Schmidt, curator of the contest

The competition has an open formula - designers, artists and craftspeople are all invited. 
Only natural amber is allowed in the designs.
The participants have the complete freedom of choosing the other materials. 

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Presentation of entries: 
Presentations on (2D) boards shall be accepted, in the form of a design executed in any graphic technique: drawing, rendering, visualisation or photographs of a finished prototype or model. 
Each entry should be submitted in the form of a single 30 x 30 cm board.
Entry Form with the 2-D board/entry, should be sent to the MTG S.A. head office by February 8, 2016,
Participation in the Competition is free of charge

The Prizes:
The Main Prize: awarded by the Mayor of Gdańsk: PLN 10,000 gross exchange rate approx. PLN 4.2 / 1EUR
The Amber Prize awarded by the International Amber Association - 1 kg of amber
The Silver Prize - 1 kg of silver

The Jury:
Stephen Bottomley - jewellery artist, designer and maker, senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.
Ramon Puig Cuyas - jewellery artist, lecturer at the Escola Massana, Barcelona.
Aleksandra Mokwa -  blogger, Gdansk.
Inger Wastberg - art historian, curator, author of Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery, Stockholm.
Arek Wolski – jewellery designer, Warsaw.

Competition Secretary - Sylwia Klofczynska
tel. +48 58 554 93 44,

Competition Curator - Barbara Schmidt

Project Director - Ewa Rachoń
tel. +48 58 55 49 134,