Open Call. Amberif Design Award 2018

Open call  /  16 Nov 2017  -  26 Jan 2018
Published: 16.11.2017
Open Call. Amberif Design Award 2018.
Gdansk International Fair Co.
Barbara Schmidt
Ewa Rachon
DEADLINE: 26/01/2018

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As each year for more than 20 years now, the AMBERIF International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones invites artists and designers from all over the world to spend some time with a piece of amber and present their interpretation of a competition motto, to stop and think a while and perhaps experience a moment of supreme creativity.
The aim of the competition is to promote amber as a goldsmith material and a source of artistic expression.

The subject is to design original amber 
jewellery inspired by the competition’s theme, which this year is: Serendipity
The accidental observation of something occasionally leads to surprising discoveries. For designers, a space for intuition and subjective expression opens up. Perhaps this intuitive expression is based on archetypes, the fundamental motifs of human imagination? Perhaps these results are based on associations from our own unconscious? Amber appears in various 
colors and in observing its´ shapes it stimulates our creativity. The self-explaining structures of the naturally grown material often are in strong contrast to the techniques we use. But nevertheless, sometimes we still succeed in making our intuition visible and tangible. In our interpretation of amber and thru our interplay between nature, technique, and intuition we can reach far beyond our reason and remind of something nobody knew yet.

/ Barbara Schmidt, curator of the contest


The competition has an open formula - designers, artists and craftspeople are all invited. 
Only natural amber is allowed in the designs.
The participants have the complete freedom of choosing the other materials. 

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Presentation of entries: 
Presentations on (2D) boards shall be accepted, in the form of a design executed in any graphic technique: drawing, rendering, visualisation or photographs of a finished prototype or model. 
Each entry should be submitted in the form of a single 30 x 30 cm board.
Entry Form with the 2-D board/entry, should be sent to the MTG S.A. head office by January 26, 2018,
Participation in the Competition is free of charge

The Prizes:
The Main Prize: awarded by the Mayor of Gdańsk: PLN 10,000 gross exchange rate approx. PLN 4.2 / 1EUR.
The Amber Prize awarded by the International Amber Association - 1 kg of amber.
The Silver Prize - 1 kg of silver.


Competition Secretary - Sylwia Klofczynska
tel. +48 58 554 93 44,

Competition Curator - Barbara Schmidt

Project Director - Ewa Rachoń
tel. +48 58 55 49 134,