Open Call: Art Jewelry Night Budapest Competition 2018

Open call  /  Exhibiting   Awards  /  26 Jun 2018  -  15 Jul 2018
Published: 26.06.2018
Open Call: Art Jewelry Night Budapest Competition 2018.
Ékszerek Éjszakája
Anna Börcsök
DEADLINE: 15/07/2018

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The Hungarian Art Jewelry Night Budapest program expects artworks that are in compliance with contemporary jewelry design, were made between 2017-2018 and reflects the topic of the competition. The winning pieces will be presented at the central exhibition.
The competition is open to professional jewelry designers, for artists who work in a different field yet their work is related to jewelry design, and also for students who study in this specific field.
Topic of the competition
This year the inspiring word is: symbiosis
I wear it. It describes me.
Describes me. I wear it.
Soon we are going to arrive, where there is no point to think about
 ourselves without the other.
/ Mónika Ferencz

After last year’s Closer competition that centered around the material and its forms, this year we set out to examine how the contemporary jewelry can live with us in symbiosis. How can a jewelry and its wearer create symbiotic life? Is there one without the other? What kind of interaction can be between them?

Members of the jury
  Réka Lőrincz, Artist Main Patron of the Event.
  Gisbert Satch, Artist.
  Katalin Spengler, Art collector.
  Dan Piersinaru, Founder of Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair.
  Attila Horányi, Ph.D.  Art historian, esthete.
  Kata Oltai, Art historian, curator.
  Dr. Ildikó Pandur, Chief curator at Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.
Regarding selections for the exhibition:
Until the 15th of August 2018.
The selected artworks must be delivered at least until the 13th of September.

Award-giving ceremony: 21st of September 2018.

Main Patron Award: To Be Announced! by Réka Lőrincz.
Art Collector Award by Katalin Spengler art collector.
AUTOR Award, Free participation at AUTOR Jewelry Fair by Dan Piersinaru.

Requirements for the competition:
  • Jewelry designed and made in 2017-2018.
  • Unique pieces or small series.
  • Pieces that are in compliance with contemporary jewelry design.
  • Only the curated pieces will be presented at the central exhibition.

    The selected artworks must be delivered at least until the 10th of september.
Evaluation aspects for the central exhibition:
  • Conveying the artistic message
  • Genuine composion and material
  • Professional and technical innovation
  • Harmony between the design and the idea behind the piece
A maximum of 3 objects or one series of works or one collection can be submitted.

Entry fee:  16 €
In case of posive evaluation no addional fee is required. The application fee is not refundable.

Payment details:
The payment can be done only via bank transfer. The application fee must be arrived 3 days prior the competition’s deadline.
The applicant must transfer the fee to the following bank account: FISE 11705008-20436113
IBAN: HU26117050082043611300000000
In the comment field please put the following: EEB entry fee - name In the subject field please write: „SYMBIOSIS”
Submission of entries:
Please submit your entries and the completed attachments to:
In the subject field, please write: „SYMBIOSIS”
Entries are handled by the organizers of Art Jewelry Night Budapest - Ékszerek Éjszakája Budapest.
Questions concerning the competition should also be sent to
Entries can be only accepted by sending the completed entry form and also the certificate of the bank transfer.
Works presented - Transport:
The selected artworks must be delivered until the 10th of september 2018. Works received after deadline might not be presented.
Artworks should be sent or dropped by the artist costs, including all kind of taxes - for example: custom taxes. Parcel weight cannot exceed 4 kg.
Returning the artworks will be sent in the original packaging, sent by the artist. The full cost of return is at artist charge.  Artists can transport the artwork on his/her own, at pre-agreed date and time. No liability or responsibility on organizers - during both ways of transporting the works.
During the exhibition and until sending back the artworks*, artists/works presented will be covered under the terms of the insurance contract by organizer.