Open Call for the Art Jewelry Night Budapest Competition 2019

Open call  /  24 Apr 2019  -  07 Jul 2019
Published: 26.04.2019

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The competition is open to professional jewellery designers, to artists who work in different field yet their work is related to jewellery design, and also to students who studies in this specific field.

The topic of this year’s competition: CONTROLS/CTRL+S
This year we are looking for answers saved as jewellery of the following questions:
Do the rules control us or the other way around?
Do we adapt to the rules or do we overwrite them? Do the traditions inspire us or they make our hands tied?
07.07.2019: Submission deadline
20.09.2019: Expected date of the opening ceremony
20.09 - 20.10.2019: Expected duration of the exhibition

The jury:
Etentuk Inemesit HU, Editor in chief Artlocator Magazine.
Erato Kouloubi GR, Jewelry Designer, Co-Founder of Popeye Loves Olive Art Space, Co-Founder of Athens Jewelry Week and the  Anticlastics  team.
Niki Stylianou GR, Contemporary Jewelry and Objects, Creativity Consulting/Coaching, Co-Founder of Athens Jewelry Week and the  Anticlastics  team.
Jorge Manilla  MX, Jewellery designer, researcher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts University in Antwerpen.

We expect jewelleries, unique or mini-series artworks that are in compliance with contemporary jewellery design’s concept, and were made in the past 2 years (2017-2019). Only the awarded pieces will be presented at the exhibition. One can apply with either 3 art pieces, a series or a collection. Application materials will be inspected by the organizers of the competition. They are responsible for all the entries and applications. If they do not match with the requirements, the contestant will be eliminated. The final decision will be made by a professional independent jury. The results will be sent out to every participant via email.

We kindly ask you to send all the documents attached to your email.
Required documents:
  1. Fully completed application form that includes the description of the art piece’s concept. The description must include how the concept of the art piece is related to the topic of the competition. The application form must include the copyright declaration as well.
  2. At least 3 photos (not larger than of 2-2,5 MB, 300 dpi resolution) from different angles (front, behind and from the side) that show the art piece in every detail. Please use the following naming convention: artist_nameoftheartpiece_yearofmaking.jpg. It helps if the photo is taken in front of a homogeneous background and it is worn by a model.
  3. Receipt of bank transfer that confirms the payment of the application fee.
By sending the photos applicants to accept their usage on the event’s social sites and other online and offline media sites, in order to popularize this event.
The applications are handled by the organizers of the Art Jewellery Night. Questions or concern regarding the competition should be sent to

The right to exhibit affects all the work that has received a positive evaluation! Individuals/groups/ organizations invited by the organizers can choose from these works.
- Art Jewellery Night Award. The founder team will reward one of the artists/participants with a high-value gift-pack.
- AJW Award. Anticlastics will reward one of the artists/participants of the Art Jewellery Night with the Athens Jewelry Week Award. His/her work should show originality, technical quality, and conceptual richness. The winner will be invited to participate for free, in the following AJW edition.
Other awards will be announced later.
The following will be taken into consideration during the evaluation:
Conveying the artistic message. Genuine composition and material. Professional and technical innovation. Harmony between the design and the idea behind the piece.
Application fee: 20 Euro

The payment of the application fee must be done via bank transfer, and it must be received by the deadline of the application to the following account:
  • The address of the bank/ Recipient's bank address: OTP BANK, H-1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 7-9. (Postal code: 1052, Deák Ferenc Street 7-9, Budapest, HUNGARY).
  • The name of the owner/Recipient's full name or company name: FISE - Fiatal Iparművészek Studiója Egyesület.
  • The adress of recipient: Budapest, Kálmán Imre street. 16, 1054 Hungary.
  •  bank account:11705008-20436113
  • IBAN: HU26117050082043611300000000
In the comment section please indicate the following: Art jewellery Night application_your name
The winning participants have no further financial obligations.
We do not refund the application fee in any case.
Participating in the competition does not equal taking part in the exhibition.
Delivery of the art piece(s)
The artists are asked to send their art pieces in the appropriate package to the gallery of FISE at their own expense.
The package cannot exceed 4 kg!
We ensure insurance during the exhibition for the exhibited artworks.
The exhibited artworks will be sent back in their original package, two weeks after the end of the exhibition, the latest (November 3rd). The cost of the returning package is borne by the artist, including any additional costs that may emerge (e.g. taxes). The organizers are not responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused by the transfer of the art pieces.
Further information:
By submitting the application, the participant accepts the terms and conditions set out in this call.