Open Call for the Curated exhibition DO YOU COPY? Roger that

Open call  /  Exhibiting   Curating  /  17 Jul 2018  -  19 Aug 2018
Published: 17.07.2018
Open Call for the Curated exhibition DO YOU COPY? Roger that.
Laila Marie Costa, Anna Gray
DEADLINE: 19/08/2018

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Do you copy, mimic or appropriate? Has your work been copied? 
TempContemp is now accepting applications for our second exhibition asking How copying affects/effects your practice? 
The Internet and the Socials are prolific with jewellery images. It’s easier to find visual references than ever before. But it’s not always so easy to find consistent or correct references to authorship. Is it easier or harder to copy, within such an instantaneous and widespread visual network? What about happenstance and the Zeitgeist? Is imitation the best form of flattery? What are the ethics of imitation in creative practice? Excusable? Or a punishable offense? 

TempContemp is seeking jewellery works and the accompanying stories that expound on your experiences of copying: positive and/or negative! 

Due to a tight turnaround, we are looking for existing work, but welcome a range of work from object, image, performance, projection or installation to writing and just about anything you can think of. 

Application deadline: Sunday, 19 August 2018
Notification of outcome: Friday, 31 August 2018
Delivery of artwork: Friday, 19 October 2018
Exhibition Dates: 2 - 17 November 2018

Participation Fee: $50 per successful application (details in Application Form)