Open Call for the Curated exhibition ...LIÉ.E.S...

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Published: 13.08.2018
Open Call for the Curated exhibition ...LIÉ.E.S....
Galerie Art Course
Sébastien Carré
Myrtille Beal
DEADLINE: 15/01/2019

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"Lié.e.s" is a French translation of the adjective “linked”. The French language allows for more inclusion relative to the subject of a chosen adjective, the "e" will be added for speaking about a woman, and the "s" will be added to evoke the plural. "Attached or fixed by means of a link; to hug or to constrain; to make everybody agree, to harmonize or otherwise prevent action or movement", it has many meanings which gives it an ambivalent nature. It makes it possible to highlight links that some consider as positive or, on the contrary, to criticize constraints that can be perceived in a negative way.
We are living in a time in history in which there is much exclusion and we see more and more governments interested in blocking borders, building walls or not welcoming refugees. But recently, we were able to witness the rescue of the 12 kids and their trainer trapped in a cave in Thailand. Only a peaceful coalition was able to save these people and to bring back, in a beautiful way, the idea of how much the human species can be strong and good when we work together and not against each other.
It is also good to look to the past to be reminded of some huge human achievements that were made during times of despair.
In 2019 we will be celebrating some important moment of the human history:

• (1789) The 230 years of the French revolution and the creation of the Human Rights during a period of famine and diseases.
• (20-21/07/1969) the 50 years of the first Human walking on the moon that were considered by many as a human achievement right in the middle of the cold war.
• (09/11/1989) the 30 years of the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunion of families separated for so many years.

We can find links between these celebrations and the story of the city of Strasbourg. First, The Human rights must be recognized by any state to integrate the European Union, which has its assembly in the city. Otherwise, the French and the English can remember they were not able to create projects able to reach space before a European Space Agency was created. And on this subject, the creation that allowed the most discoveries were made in the international station created by countries that were sometimes enemies. This can also show us that when there is a higher purpose everybody can work together. Finally, the story of the Berlin wall is also a reminder that Strasbourg changed a lot of nationality
; German from 1870 till the end of the first World War it was French again till the Nazi’s invasion of France and was finally rendered to France at the end of the second world war. The best answer Strasbourg found in this tumultuous story was not create a stronger border but to create bridges, one for the drivers, one for the walkers and finally one for the public transport with the nearest German city, Kehl.

Finally concerning Strasbourg and its status as European capital, it is important to notice a strong commitment to the promotion of women's rights and equality between Gender. Cause even if the French writer Olympe de Gouge wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Citizen in 1791, it took really long time for them to have the rights to vote, then to work, to divorce or to have an abortion. Nowadays, and in many countries, women still have to fight to enforce their rights; in other parts of the world, these developments are just beginning. 2018 will undoubtedly become a turning point in the history of this struggle with new advances made possible thanks to the "Me Too" movement and its international impact. The city of Strasbourg carries out actions for the recognition of the role and the rights of women in the public and private space but also in municipal policies. They organize an annual symposium on violence against women, as well as conferences and exhibitions.

As you will have understood, the exhibition "Lié.e.s" must speak about the constraints and the attachments which base our world, positive and negative relations between the peoples and gender. You are invited to ask questions about the events mentioned above. The changes they induced and the time it took for them to take place (or shape).
So what do you think will be the more useful for future generations? To criticize constraints that seem to you unequal and that we must regulate so that the human species improves. Or enhance the bonds that unite us all and make us forget the differences between individuals.

What inspires you, what makes you... What is the connection between everything? What bounds you, what create links, show us your hopes and contribute as the city of Strasbourg to create a freer and more peaceful world.
/ Sébastien Carré

Deadline: January 15, 2019.
EXHIBITION | Dates and opening hours: The exhibition will take place from june 5th to 29th 2019. The gallery will be open from Wednesday to Friday from 15h to 19h, and Saturday from 14h to 19h.
EXHIBITION | Opening: The opening will take place on Friday 07 June 2019 starting at 6:00pm.
EXHIBITION | Set up: The set up will be on Monday, June 3rd 2019 from 9:30 to 12 am and from 2:30 to 5:00pm. It will be provided by the gallery which reserves the right to watch the display. You may be present during the set up if you wish.
EXHIBITION | Disassembling: The disassembling will happen on Saturday, June 29th, 2019 starting at 6:00pm.

Created in 2012, the ART'COURSE gallery is a place of exchange, promotion and diffusion of the visual arts in Strasbourg. Its purpose is to provide a professional and pleasant place for artists wishing to experiment with all forms of creation. The space offers the opportunity to show large formats, installations and privilege the presentation of new or experimental forms. The ART'COURSE gallery is managed by the Association du Corbeau. Located close to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the City of Strasbourg, the central station and the city center, it is a showcase for art works. Spacious and bright, it invites you to discover quality artists.

This open call is intended for artists of the field of contemporary jewelry, Art Jewelry or Author Jewelry.

Each artist can present between 1 and 5 pieces in his application. The selection committee reserves the right to make a selection from the pieces presented and is not required to justify its decision. The sending of the works is the responsibility of the artist (back and forth).

Participation fee
A registration fee of 10 € is required to apply for this exhibition. In case of non-selection the registration fees are not refundable.
In case of selection, an extra 25 € are required, which constitutes (with the 10€ of the registration) the mandatory 35 € membership fees to the Association du Corbeau. This sum is payable upon confirmation of your selection, if the sum is not paid within 2 weeks days upon receipt of the selection email, your selection will be considered Obsolete.

Payment can be made with Paypal (account name: Myrtille Béal / email address: ) with the function "send money to a friend".
Or by bank transfer to the account:
IBAN: FR7630087330020002037390134

Commission on sales: The gallery will retain a commission of 25% on the amount of sales.
Jury: A special jury will be made, with members of the association and Sébastien Carré (his vote will prevail), and will select the artists presented at the exhibition.
The Gallery is committed to:
• provide the scenography and set up of the exhibition.
• organizing the opening.
• take care of the communication of the event: preparation and distribution of 2500 flyers, e-mailing, posting on cultural sites as well as on the website and social networks managed by the gallery, sending a press kit.
EXHIBITION | Insurance: Art'Course Gallery declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage whatsoever.
Presence of the artist: The presence of the artist is encouraged during the opening on June 7th, 2019.
Inner view of the gallery.
Inner view of the gallery

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Inner view of the gallery.
Inner view of the gallery

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Inner view of the gallery.
Inner view of the gallery

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