Open Call for Finger This: Contemporary Worry Beads

Open call  /  07 Jul 2020  -  01 Aug 2020
Published: 07.07.2020
Open Call for Finger This: Contemporary Worry Beads.
Benaki Museum
Suzanne Ramljak
Niki Stylianou, Erato Kouloubi
DEADLINE: 01/08/2020
Carole Deltenre, Collection, 2007, 18+1 cast silver clitoris beads.
Carole Deltenre, Collection, 2007, 18+1 cast silver clitoris beads

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Anticlastics Team is very pleased to announce the collaboration with the writer/art historian/former editor of Metalsmith and Sculpture magazines, Suzanne Ramljak and Finger This: Contemporary Worry Beads. 

We urge you to participate in this very interesting project!
The practice of using strung beads as an aid for prayer and meditation is nearly universal, found in the religious traditions of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. Within a secular context, strands of worry beads or komboloi are also employed as a source of relaxation and relief. While a myriad of materials and forms exist in such beads, all involve the basic act of fondling and rubbing with fingertips, which have more nerve receptors than any other body part. Beyond the devotional function of prayer beads and rosaries, they play a crucial psychophysical role in providing bodily comfort and focus. Several contemporary artists have probed the varied facets of prayer and worry beads, creating works that invite us to contemplate what we finger and why.

For a forthcoming exhibition and publication, titled Finger This: Contemporary Worry Beads, curator Suzanne Ramljak seeks work that addresses this genre's relevance and potency, especially in our present worrisome times.

Curator: Suzanne Ramljak, writer, art historian, former editor Metalsmith and Sculpture magazines.

Images for consideration should be sent to no later than August 1, 2020.