Open Call for Gorgeous Jewellery 1.0, An International Exhibition for Outstanding Design

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Published: 08.04.2024
JCC Center Shanghai
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center
Jie Sun
DEADLINE: 30/04/2024

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Open Call for Participators, for the international exhibition for outstanding design, Gorgeous Jewelry 1.0. This exhibition will be represented as one of the highlight exhibitions at the leading Asian Contemporary Modern Design Fair Design Shanghai from 19 - 22 June 2024. Then, this exhibition will travel to the JCC Center (International Center for contemporary jewellery) in Shanghai and Hangzhou from 25th June to 25th September 2024. It is a unique opportunity to represent contemporary artistic jewelry to collectors, art/design lovers, admirers, and quality audiences.

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The Gorgeous Jewelry 1.0. will be presented at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center as the official invited exhibition of Design Shanghai and the only jewelry design theme exhibition in June this year. The organizing committee of the exhibition will select outstanding works to be awarded the Gorgeous Jewellery Talent Award and Gorgeous Jewellery Award, with official Certificates to encourage innovative works and designers in the field of design and art.

The Gorgeous Jewelry 1.0. International Exhibition for Outstanding Design will capitalize on the international organization of Triple Parade International Contemporary Jewellery Biennial. We aim to establish the premier exhibition in Asia for exceptionally talented and pioneering professional artists and designers who exude passion and showcase exquisite design with craftsmanship. This platform will be brimming with creativity and imagination, providing a stellar international stage for these remarkable individuals. 

Submission Deadline: 30th April 2024

(There is a free participation fee for students and people who send works out of mainland of China, more information will be provided when the works are selected.)

Information Requirements: all submitted jewelry works must be wearable.
  1. Artist/Designer short introduction and a portrait picture (jpg).
  2. Contact info: e-mail, telephone, website, Instagram. etc.
  3. Submission quantity: 5 to 10 pieces of jewelry works.
  4. Work list with captions: name, series, inspiration, year, type, material, artist price.
  5. Work images: high-quality picture of each work, work on wearing/model, or any pictures which represent well the jewelry works ( pixel: 200 - 300dpi).

Please upload the 5 parts of the information to Wetransfer, and send the download link to the email address:
Contact person: Miss. Trista LIU.

Key Dates:
  • Submission Deadline: 30th April 2024.
  • Selection and Announcement: 8th May 2024.
  • Deadline for receiving works: 20th May 2024- 2th June 2024.
  • Expected Exhibition Opening: 19th June 2024.

Location 1: DESIGN SHANGHAI, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center (9-22 June, 2024).
Location 2:JCC Center Shanghai & Hangzhou (25 June – 25 Sep, 2024).

About Design Shanghai
Design Shanghai is one of the world's most prestigious international design events and Asia's premier design event. Constantly breaking new ground, it has set a precedent in China's ever-growing design community. It aims to explore how Eastern and Western design philosophies can work together synergistically across 4 vibrant Halls. The event also features bespoke installations, an inspirational design forum, and exciting networking events. (

About JCC Center Shanghai
JCC Contemporary Jewellery Center (JCC Center), established in 2023 in Shanghai (with a space of 1500 square meters in two locations, Shanghai and Hangzhou), currently is the only art center of its kind in Greater China, that is driven by fashion, design, and art, with focusing on high-end artistic jewellery and its related fashion and design products. The Center is dedicated to promoting cultural exchange and cross-border collaboration between pioneering and emerging international contemporary jewellery by gathering quality resources from all over the world. The JCC CENTER is connected to major international museums, art centers, design weeks, and leading institutions at home and abroad to establish a collaborative incubation base, bringing together quality designers, artists, brands, and other active resources to build a platform and sustainable development of fashion culture and artistic design in the contemporary market. (

About FINE Center / College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University
College of Design and Innovation (D&I) Tongji University is one of the world’s leading design colleges, and has established partnerships with over 30 world-class design schools. The overall goal of the college is to establish an international, innovative, forward-looking, and research-oriented world-class college of design, with a great sense of the mission of the era, an international perspective, and native characteristics. (

About the Curator and Academic director
SUN Jie is a Tenured Professor and PhD Supervisor at the College of Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji University in Shanghai; Head of the New Center of Fashion and Design Innovation (FINE Center); Deputy-Chairman at Art and Design Academic Committee; Chairman and Curator at TRIPLE PARADE International Biennial Organization Committee; Director of SxV Museum of Modern Arts in Qingdao (SV MoMA). He is one of the most influential experts on fashion, jewelry, and design in Greater China. Over the past few years, he has worked on major collaborative and curatorial projects worldwide, actively engaged in both European and Asian art and design culture.

Curator & Academic Director: Prof.Dr.SUN Jie
Artistic Director: Mrs. CAI Xingyun
Organizer: Organizer: GORGEOUS JEWELLERY 1.0 Exhibition Organizing Committee/ TRIPLE PARADE International Contemporary Jewellery Biennial Exhibition
Co-organizer: FINE Center/College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University, JCC-Center Shanghai & Hangzhou, Chinese Industrial Design Institute( CIDI ).

Opening of the previous exhibition at JCC Center.
Opening of the previous exhibition at JCC Center

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Opening of the previous exhibition Fear & Love on 29th Sep 2023 at JCC Center.
Opening of the previous exhibition Fear & Love on 29th Sep 2023 at JCC Center

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