Open Call for Japan Jewellery Competition 2024

Open call  /  06 Dec 2023  -  01 Feb 2024
Published: 06.12.2023
Open Call for Japan Jewellery Competition 2024.
Japan Jewellery Designers Association
Miyo Hikone
DEADLINE: 01/02/2024

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This competition has received high praise from both domestic and international cultural and design circles, and has produced many outstanding artists and designers, as it constantly explores creative and fresh forms of jewellery.
This year is the Association’s 60th anniversary. We are sincerely looking forward to receiving submissions from artists around the world.
Application Guideline for Overseas Residents

In 1964, the Japan Jewellery Designers Association was established, and we were able to hold the first public exhibition. Then, in 60 years that followed, the world has changed drastically and it must not have been easy for a 'work that created a stir' to survive through the ages.
But now, when we see works that have fascinated people, we feel splendor of creation and even feel a new sense of excitement.
As this is the Association’s 60th anniversary, we are sincerely looking forward to receiving submissions from artists around the world of attractive works that serve as a testimony to the future and offer new creations to the 2024 Japan Jewellery Competition.
Competition Schedule
  • Deadline for online entry and payment: Thu. February 1, 2024 Online entry on our website /Credit Card Payment
  • The 1st online screening and result notice: Tue. February 20, 2024 Shown on our website
  • Deadline for sending actual work for 2nd screening: Fri. March 1 to Fri. March 15, 2024 ;JJDA office
  • The 2nd screening and result notice: The end of March, 2024 Shown on our website
  • The award winner announcement: The end of March, 2024 Shown on our website
  • Exhibition: Sat. June 8 to Thu. June 13, 2024 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (TOKYO). * If it is not possible to hold the exhibition live, it will be web-based.
  • Return of the works: The end of June, 2024. * There is a possibility that there could be a significant delay in the return of your work due to a reduction in the number of flights to each country or region. Please be aware of this in advance.

Entry Conditions
  • Any kind of material can be used.
  • Entry is limited to original works that have not formerly been displayed or exhibited.
  • Works that have won prizes in other contests are not eligible.
  • Applicants can submit up to 5 pieces based on the same concept.
  • The entries must be encased in a box with a combined width, height and depth that does not exceed 800mm and weigh no more than 2kg.

Applicant Eligibility
  • Applicants can either be individual persons, groups or companies.
  • The applicants for the 'under26 division' must be 26-year old or younger as of March 23, 2024.
  • The applicants aged 27-year old or over should apply for the 'General division'.

How to apply
Fill out the online application form on our website by Thu. February 1, 2024.

Application Fee
  • General division: JPY20,000.
  • under26 division: JPY17,000.
Credit card payment is available on the online application form on our website.
Payment deadline: Thu. February 1, 2024.
The application fee is non-refundable once received.
Payment recipient: Japan Jewellery Designers Association (JJDA)

Results Announcement
The results will be announced on the website and emailed to you at the same time.

  • Invited judges: HUKUDA Tetsuo / Professor emeritus of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Senior Adviser of A&F Corporation. HONMA Keiko / Jewelry journalist.
  • Lead judge Judges: NAGAI Yutaka / President of JJDA.
  • Judges: HIRAKO Koichi / Honorary member of JJDA, HIEDA Makoto / Director of JJDA, SAWAMOTO Masako / Member of JJDA, FUJIMOTO Nahoko / Member of JJDA.

Prizes and Awards
  • Grand prize: JPY 300,000 (One winner).
  • Excellent prize: JPY 100,000 (Two winners).
  • Under26 division prize: JPY 50,000 (One winner).
  • Overseas division prize: JPY 50,000 (One winner).
  • Invited judges award: Two winners.
  • JJDA 60th anniversary award : One winner.
  • Incentive award: Several winners.
  • Japan Jewellery Association award: One winner.
* All of the prizes and awards except division prizes will be selected from all of the entries.

Selection Criteria
Creativity, originality, provoking ability, appropriate materials and precise technique.

The first screening
Please upload photos of your work(s) on the JJDA website as follows:
  • Please take photos that clearly show the work(s) itself.
  • Please submit 3-4 photos total, including one showing work(s) being worn.
Please submit images taken as follows:
(1) One picture taken from the front view of a single work or all works together (in the case of five entries, five pieces should be on one sheet, or a collage of images).
(2) One picture of the back side of a single work or all the works together.
(3) One picture of a single work or all the works together is (are) being worn on either dummy or actual body.
(4) One picture of your choice (Optional).
  • The background should be gray scale, plain.
  • Do not take pictures with personally identifiable objects.
  • Do not include anything other than the work, except for images of the work(s) being worn.
  • No more than 2MB each, Resolution of 1080x720px or more, jpg.
* For security reasons, only 「jpg」 extensions will be accepted;「 JPG」 is not acceptable.

The second screening
Those who pass the first screening will have their names listed on our website and will be notified via email.
After confirming the information in the email, please send your work in accordance with the following instructions.

Shipment, Return, Customs and Insurance
  • To the designated place in Japan, all of the shipping costs including handling fees, customs etc. should be borne by the entrants.
  • We do not accept parcels from couriers or forwarders that charge custom duties on delivery. (i.e. we do not accept any parcels for which the entrants do not bear all necessary transportation costs.).
  • The organizer will not bear any responsibility for accidents, damage, loss, or other problems that occur during the works transport to the submission venue. The arriving entries will be handled with the greatest possible care.
  • However the organizer will not insure the entries.
  • The entrants may optionally apply for the appropriate insurance. Please note that the compensation will be assessed by an insurance company and that they do not always provide full compensation.
  • Please put 'For competition' on the waybill.
  • The works will be returned by EMS (Speed post) with an insurance up to JPY20,000.
Submission period: The entries must arrive between Fri. March 1 to Fri. March 15, 2024.
Submission address: JJDA 2024 COMPETITION. Japan Jewellery Designers Association.
Arai Bldg.6F, 4-11-7 Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan.
Phone: +81-3-3523-7344

How to submit
Put a tag with the entry number written on the application form for every single entry.
Make sure the tag is well set. Pack your entry appropriately to avoid damage during shipment.
Please enclose the items below per one entry in the box.
Two photographs showing the entire body of the work.
Write the entry number beside the image, and indications of the top and bottom parts, write the entrant’s name at the back of the photos. If there is any additional description (i.e. how to wear it, etc.).

The organizer will not accept any questions regarding the competition results. In any of the following cases, entries will not be judged.
Submission of incomplete documents, unpaid application fee, late arrival of the works, breakage during transit, if an entry is regarded as a fake design, customs duty is claimed from the organizer.

About return shipping options
As a basic rule, returns are sent by EMS, but if you prefer, you can choose the FedEx shipping method for an additional fee. Please email the JJDA office for rates.
[If you wish to pay by cash on delivery]
Please let us know your FedEx ID when you pass the first screening.
If you do not have a FedEx ID, you will need to register it on the FedEx website in advance. For details, please contact FedEx.

Entrants hold all of the rights regarding the entered works, however, entrant agrees to the following:
  • The organizer reserves the rights to exhibit the winning works and publish them in the official catalogue and advertising paper.
  • The organizer reserves the rights regarding the use of photo images and the information on the entrants in advertising media, including social networking sites, regardless of print or electronic forms.
  • The organizer reserves the rights regarding the interpretation and quotes in lectures and similar events.

Handling of Personal Information
The personal information of the entrants obtained from the application form will be managed appropriately in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan.
The organizer, Japan Jewellery Designers Association, will only use the information of the entrants for correspondence relevant to this competition and will not provide any third party with the entrant’s personal information without obtaining the entrant’s prior consent.

Japan Jewellery Designers Association.

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Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
Japan Jewellery Association.
Japan Industrial Design Association.
Japan Interior Architects / Designers' Association Japan Graphic Design Association.
Japan Sign Design Association.
Japan Design Space Association.
Japan Package Design Association.
General Designers Association.
Nikkei Inc.
Please refer to the Q&A sheet for more detailed information on the entry procedure.