Open Call for JELO6 Project at Zappio Megaro

Open call  /  21 Sep 2023  -  30 Oct 2023
Published: 21.09.2023
Rita Martinez Maledetta, Primavera collection, 2021.
Rita Martinez Maledetta, Primavera collection, 2021

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The JELO6 Project aims, through collective action, to highlight and promote Contemporary Jewelry, both in Greece and Abroad, enhancing awareness and the exchange of views, while at the same time hoping to consolidate a dialogue between Greek and international designers /makers or entities active in the field of Contemporary Jewelry.
Are you a creator active in the field of Contemporary Jewelry? Is jewelry a source of inspiration for you, an occasion and reason for creative expression, or your passion? Do you want to promote it as an art form? As a means of commentary and personal statement? As a research tool? Do you want to educate the public by presenting your unique point of view, and learn from this interaction? Let's co-create the supporting environment at Zappio Megaro in Athens.

The initials JELO6 are an abbreviation of the description: JEWELRY + OBJECTS + our 6 SENSES.

JELO6 Project is addressed to jewelry schools, independent designers/makers, groups, and galleries from all over the world, that consider jewelry as an art form and that through their personal work and action try to expand the boundaries of and enrich the field of Contemporary Jewelry. JELO6 is open to proposals for solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, external actions, performances, workshops, talks, etc. There are no restrictions regarding the material, size, or form of the works to be presented. However, the conceptual background of the proposals submitted needs to address the subjects of: jewelry, the human body, the dimensions of space and time, as well as the senses that we have developed in order to perceive these. 

As the goal of the event is to present to the wider public the specificities, diversity, and artistic dimension of Contemporary Jewelry, special attention will be given to proposals that underline the multidimensional character of contemporary artistic creativity in the specific field, while focusing on its ideology and its aesthetics.

*Please not that established companies or brands cannot take part in the event.

- Inform and familiarize the public with issues related to Contemporary Jewelry as a form of art and as a means of creative expression.
- Support the individual creators as well as the creative groups of the field.
- Offer a platform that allows for the gathering, meeting and collaboration of all interested parties (artists, galleries, collectors, museums, or other institutions that promote arts and culture, etc.) through communication and networking.
- Peaceful Activism

- Conceptual approach, research process, final project coherence
- Originality of design, composition, as well as materials' qualities and use.
- Craftsmanship and/or technical innovation.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE (depending if you're applying as an Artist, Group, Gallerie or School)
- Representative photos of finished works
- Short statement / Brief description 
- Participation fee: The process of submitting the application for participation has a cost of 25 euros


Applications must be sent by October 30, 2023. No entries past the deadline will be accepted.
The names of the Artists selected to participate in the JELO6 PROJECT event will be officially announced by email on October 20, 2023.


JELO6 PROJECT is organized by UNI.VERSUS ART ROOM and Niki Stylianou, co-founder of the Anticlastics Team and Athens Jewelry Week festival.

For more information on the application process and participation, please contact or