Open call for the Juried Exhibition of the Budapest Jewelry Week 2023 (BJW2023)

Open call  /  17 May 2023  -  30 Jun 2023
Published: 17.05.2023
Open call for the Juried Exhibition of the Budapest Jewelry Week 2023 (BJW2023).
Studio of Young Designers Association. Organizer of Budapest Jewelry Week
DEADLINE: 30/06/2023

The application documents (including the photos) are to be sent to the following e-mail address:


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The team of Budapest Jewelry Week 2023 (with the contribution of FISE non-profit organisation, FISE = Studio of Young Designers Association) is announcing an open call with the title of Re:Action, and invites all professional jewelry designers, artists who work in different fields yet their work is related to jewelry design, as well as students who study in a relevant field to submit works of art.

The theme of this year’s competition:

This year we are calling for jewelry work concepts that incorporate answers to the following theme: 
The field of jewelry design is inseparable from the concept of reaction. The jewel’s relationship with its bearer, its physical, cultural, psychological impact on the surroundings as well as the chemical reactions during the process of its making are all inalienable parts of our knowledge on jewelry.
In psychology, reaction is an answer to a stimulus, an either conscious or unconscious response that is shaped by past experience, personal belief, cultural background or other influencing factors in a complex way.  In the gap between the stimulus and the reaction there can be space which provides us the opportunity to select from possible reactions. Our responses to the stimuli may give us a chance for freedom and development.
In the human body countless chemical reactions take place within a second, during this time atoms rearrange themselves creating new materials. Some reactions release energy, while others need investing energy.
The hundreds of years of tradition in jewelry making is based on the knowledge and use of chemical reactions in metallic materials.
What unusual reactions can you provoke with a jewel? What responses do you expect from the viewers?

We expect (unique or limited edition) jewels that are in compliance with the concept of contemporary art jewelry*, and have been made in the past 2 years (2022-2023).
One can apply with 1 finished piece (Plans e.g. 3D, hand-drawn, models etc. and not completed pieces are not accepted!)
* The concept of contemporary art jewelry: A contemporary jewel is a unique or limited edition work which is a means of artistic expression and in which the design and the conceptual background are in harmony. The relationship between a body and a jewel is intimate as well as provocative. Contemporary jewelry expresses conceptual statements, which are often provocative and include social criticism. The jewel mediates between the artist, the wearer of the jewel and the viewer who perceives the artwork. It is part of the non-verbal communication, and as such is interpreted as a message, a symbol of the entire body, since it moves, changes in sync with it, unless it comes to life and functions independently from the body, but in most cases jewels are worn to attract attention.

Submission requirements:
  1. Fully completed application form in original file format (.docx!) that includes the description of the art piece’s concept (minimum 300 - maximum 600 caracters). The description must include how the concept of the art piece is related to the theme of Re:Action.
  2. At least 3 photos (not larger than of 2MB, 300 dpi resolution) from different angles (front, behind and from the side) that show the art piece in every detail. It helps if 2 or 3 types of photos are taken: 1. object photos in front of a homogeneous background, 2. model photos that present how it is worn, 3. optional: in-context photos for social media use. Please use the following naming convention, which is IMPORTANT as the file names will be used for descriptions on social media platforms: artist_nameoftheartpiece_yearofmaking_nameofthephotographer.jpg
    By submitting the application (including photos) the applicants give consent to the online and offline uses of the photos for promotional purposes.
  3. Fully completed copyright declaration (to be filled in Hungarian OR English!).
  4. Receipt or printscreen of bank transfer that confirms the payment of the application fee.
The application documents (including the photos) are to be sent to the following e-mail address:

Deadline for submitting the application: 11:59 pm (CET), 30 June, 2023.

Important deadlines:
30th of June 2023: Submission deadline of the application.
31st of July 2023: Expected date of notification.
31st August 2023: deadline for the delivery of the works.
22nd of September 2023: Expected date of the award ceremony in Hybridart Space Gallery.
22.09.2023-06.10.2023: Expected duration of the exhibition.
We reserve the right to change the dates!

Application fee: 15.000 Ft.

The payment of the application fee is to be made via bank transfer and it must be received by the deadline of the application to the following account:
  • The name of the owner/Recipient's full name or company name: FISE - Fiatal Iparművészek Stúdiója Egyesület
  • The address of recipient: Budapest, 16 Kálmán Imre street, 1054 Hungary
  • Recipient's bank address:
    OTP BANK, H-1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 7-9. (Postal code: 1052, address: Deák Ferenc Street 7-9, Budapest, HUNGARY)
    Bank account number: 11705008-20436113
    IBAN: HU26117050082043611300000000
In the comment section please indicate the following: your name_Re:Action opencall
The winning participants have no further financial obligations. (If there are shipping costs to the gallery via post, taxes and customs, they are to be paid by the participant).

Only the selected pieces will be presented at the exhibition.
We do not refund the application fee in any case.
The jury
Soon to be announced, follow our posts on facebook and instagram!
The artworks selected by the jury will be presented at the main show of the Budapest Jewelry Week 2023 in the exhibition space of Hybridart Space Gallery.

Evaluation criteria
The followings will be taken into consideration during the selection process:
  • The way how the artistic message is conveyed.
  • Relation of the subject to the call for proposals.
  • The genuineness of composition and material use.
  • Professional and technical innovation.
  • The harmony between the design and the idea behind the piece.
Application materials will be inspected by the organisers of Budapest Jewelry Week. They are responsible to ensure that all entries meet the requirements, and in case of any deviation from the requirements the application is invalidated. The final decision will be made by a professional independent jury.  Every participant will be informed about the results via email.
All artworks selected by the jury are entitled to be exhibited.

The awarded works will be chosen from the exhibited pieces by individuals/groups/organisations requested to cooperate in the awarding process by the organisers.

- Autor award - free participation in the Autor event in Bucharest.
- CONTEMPORANIA award (the new format of JOYA Barcelona) - exhibition opportunity at the Contemporania event in Barcelona.
- Gallery Alice Floriano award - representation of the chosen artist for 1 year in the Brazilian gallery and webshop.
- Tincal lab Award - Solo exhibition opportunity in the Tincal lab Gallery in Porto.

Delivery of the selected art piece(s):
- After evaluation the artists are asked to send their art pieces (at their own expense) in the appropriate package by 31st August 2023 to the address indicated in the confirmation email.
- The exhibited artworks will be sent back in their original package, one month after the end of the exhibition, until the 6th of November, 2023, the latest. Please include a printout of the return postal address, name and a mobile phone number that the courier can call if necessary!
- The cost of the returning package is borne by the artist, including any additional costs that may emerge (e.g. taxes, customs, insurance).

Insurance of the selected art piece(s):
- Insurance will be ensured during the exhibition for the selected artworks.
- The organisers are not responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused by the transfer of the art pieces.
- By submitting the application, the applicant accepts the terms and conditions set out in this call.
- The applications are handled by the organisers of the Budapest Jewelry Week.

Should there be any questions or concerns regarding the call, emails are welcome at