Open Call for a Juried Exhibition: Heart Failure

Open call  /  Exhibiting   Curating  /  13 Sep 2018  -  17 Oct 2018
Published: 13.09.2018
Open Call for a Juried Exhibition: Heart Failure.
Juan Riusech
Juan Riusech
DEADLINE: 17/10/2018

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Association Alliages (Contemporary Art Jewelery, non-profit organization) organizes an exhibition to be held in December 2018 to March 2019 at ALLIAGES gallery in Lille France and during Schmuck 2019 event (March 13-17th, 2019). The exhibition theme is “Heart Failure" and each artist may submit his/her own vision of the subject.
Artists working in Contemporary Art Jewelery can apply for this exhibition with a maximum of 3 finished works (works sent in the application form are those that will be exposed, drafts are not accepted). Applications must imperatively be sent via the dedicated form on the ALLIAGES website and will contain all requested data. Other ways to submit will not be taken into consideration. If the data sent is wrong or incomplete, the application will be canceled.
The artist may present freely his vision of the theme. Free choice of media/materials/size for the jewels. Works presented must be original, one-of-a-kind and created within the last 2 years and never showed before at the ALLIAGES gallery or in Schmuck. Up to 3 artworks can be submitted by each artist. Works can be to sell or only to show (not for sale).

Being our 10th anniversary exhibition, a paper publication will be done at the end of the exhibition and the artists selected will have a free copy. This publication will highlight this exhibition and will make a summary of these 10 years of Contemporary Art Jewellery promotion.

The deadline to apply is Thursday October 17th 2018, midnight. Applications sent after the deadline will not be accepted. Only one application per artist will be accepted (first application sent).

October,17th 2018: Deadline.
October 28th 2018: Selection of artist.
December 2018 to March 2019: Exhibition in ALLIAGES, Lille.
March 13-16th, 2019: Exhibition at Schmuck, Munich.

Applications will be selected for October 28th 2018 latest date, and artist candidates will be informed of the curator’s choice by email: positive or negative. The selected works will be displayed at the gallery managed by ALLIAGES, in Lille France and during the Schmuck 2019 event. Additional destinations may be added afterwards.

Works presented/ Transportation
The selected artworks must be delivered at least 10 days before the opening. Works received after this deadline might not be presented. Artists have total freedom to make their artwork, however organizers may refuse to show the artworks if they are displaced in their message (e.g. discrimination, racism, hate, etc …), are detrimental to the image of association, the quality of execution is deemed insufficient or if works sent are not those presented in the application.

The artists will send or drop the artworks to their costs, including all kind of taxes and fees (ex. custom taxes). Parcel weight cannot exceed 4kg.

Returns will be done using the original packaging sent by the artist and via “La Poste” French mail-post, not insured and no declared value, with tracking service. The full cost of return is at artist charge, including all kind of taxes (ex. custom taxes) or expenses. The artist can always recover his artwork at ALLIAGES headquarters at his/her expense or send his/her own carrier. The organizers do not assume any liability or responsibility during transport of works (both ways).

As member , the artist will be covered under the terms of the insurance contract of organizer during the duration of the exhibition. All transportations will not be covered by organizer insurance. The artist can have his own insurance. Artists will respect the Internal Rules of ALLIAGES .

Selection decisions are irrevocable. The artist allows alliages to reproduce all media and data sent for the purpose of promoting of the exhibition and its archives, in any form. Assignment of the right of media reproduction granted by the artist is non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited territory for the distribution of reproductions.

Participation fee
A fee of 10€ will be requested for the application (1 to 3 works) when application is sent up to October 7th. A fee of 15€ will be requested if application is sent on October 8-17th.
The selected artists will pay a participation fee of 65 Euros to participate in both events, Lille & Munich. This amount will include the membership to the organization during the time of the exhibition. Any delay in the payment implies the exclusion of the artist from the exhibition. The artist will pay 15% of sales for the fixed costs of the association. All taxes or bank charges for this payment will be at the artist’s charge.