Open Call Klimt02 School Members Degree Show 2019

Open call  /  03 May 2019  -  31 Oct 2019
Published: 03.05.2019

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Klimt02 School members are important as they present a broad variety of opportunities for new artists that are going into the field, as well as keeping the community up to date on the developments of emerging artists.

Show the work done by your school through the publication of the degree exhibition, show the emerging values and understand the educational guidelines of the most relevant educational institutions. 

Requested material to submit:

1. A brief text about the show (word document).
2. Images of the presented works as well as any statement of the students works,
    to be published with the image of the work (image size minimum 1000 pix wide at 72dpi).
3. Caption for each work, please use the following template.
4. Names of the graduate students.
5. Names of the guiding teachers. 

> Sample page of a graduation show 2018

The task of Klimt02 to promote the emerging values can be resumed in 3 guidelines:

1. Publication and promotion of the Graduation Degree Shows, so readers can have a full experience of the work developed by the Universities, Schools, and Academies.

2. Publication and promotion of the graduation work of one selected student (selected by the Tutor) of each member school in the Klimt02 Forum during June, July and August 2019. Check here the 2018 selected students.

3. Among these selected students Klimt02 will select and award one of them with the JPLUS Emerging Talent Award 2019.

The JPLUS Emerging Talent Award by Klimt02 consists of:
- An exhibition of the graduate works at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02.
- A one-year free jeweller membership including a personal jeweller profile at