Open Call for Land Jewelry 2020 Artist residency

Open call  /  ArtistInResidence   Research   ProfessionalPractice  /  17 Jan 2020  -  15 Mar 2020
Published: 17.01.2020
Segerstads Fyrplats 501
Maja Breife, Wiebke Pandikow
DEADLINE: 15/03/2020

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With project Land Jewelry we invite jewelry artists living in countries surrounding the Baltic Sea to create landart. The project consists of several phases, the main event of which will be a week creating landart onÖland, Sweden, in the summer of 2020. We are hereby calling for participants.
The thematic background for this project is the Baltic Sea and the numerous environmental problems it is facing today, including eutrophication, marine litter and declining biodiversity, among many others. Nine countries surround the Baltic Sea and about 15 million people live on its coast. It is an intensively used ecosystem and part of this project is to raise awareness about its ecological situation. This sea we live by matters and the acts we take can make a difference. We ask ourselves and you to think about the situation and how it can be spoken about through art. TheBaltic sea unites nine countries, it has many names and its relevance is undeniable. In this project, we aim to honour it and let it be a source of inspiration.

Altogether ten artists will get the opportunity to interact with the Baltic Sea environment on the eastern shore of the Swedish island Öland and create jewelry for the land using only found materials of the area around them - natural or human-made. Therefore another important point is to challenge yourself and your practice as a jewelry artist in creating something possibly very different from what you usually do. What is the relationship between jewelry art and land art? What are the differences or similarities? What happens if you change the scale from that of a body to that of a landscape?

Before the stay on Öland we will ask the chosen artists to freely explore the theme in their own environment. For example: What is it about the Baltic that fascinates you? What are threats to it that you would like to raise awareness of? How could you translate those themes and your own practice as a jewelry artist into creating land art on Öland in August? Maybe you already want to test out doing some landart beforehand, in your own environment.

Working on Öland
Days working on Öland: 11st - 15th August 2020
Days to travel to and from the island: 10th - 16th August.

The time on Öland will be spent making landart in small groups or alone, as much as you can or want in the time given. The work should be process focused and also unfinished works are ok. You should only use materials found in your direct environment and you should respect that environment and not harm it. Additional materials, if absolutely needed, should be non-toxic and biodegradable. Each artist should document their work in whatever way they feel comfortable with: diary, drawings, photos, video etc.
Be aware that these five days will be spent mostly outside. In the evenings we will cook and eat together and discuss jewelry art, landart and everybody’s own work, to get to know each other better and exchange ideas.

All artists’ documentation about their work as well as photos of the finished pieces and possibly other artefacts of the time spent on Öland will be turned into an exhibition to be shown in countries surrounding the Baltic Sea in the following years.

We have applied for grants to cover the costs of lodging, food and more, but we cannot guarantee that the project will receive these grants!
If we do not receive funding​ we will need every ​participating​ artist to pay 250 € to cover lodging and food. Further, there will be the possibility to rent bikes for people who would like to explore places further away from the lighthouse. Artists will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and insurance.

All artists will stay together in shared bedrooms at Segerstad’s lighthouse on the east coast ofÖland. The house we will stay in used to be the lighthouse keeper’s home and the lighthouse itself is still in use. It is an isolated place with just a few small fishing sheds as neighbours. It is on a limestone shore with plenty of fossils and the water is shallow. There is rich birdlife in this area and you should have no fear of cows. There will be a lot of time spent outside, moving around on foot and possibly on bikes. If you have special needs, please mention them in your application, so we can try to find a way to work with that!
Vegetarian food and ingredients will be provided and the participants should take turns cooking together.
If we receive enough funding, we will also take a bus trip to other parts of the island that would otherwise be hard to reach on foot or bike.

How to apply
Please email with the subject line Application Land Jewelry 2020 to include the following information:
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your website and/or social media
  • In ​one ​PDF: CV (max 2 pages), Pictures of your previous work (max 5 pictures), Letter of Motivation (max 2000 characters)
In your​ letter of motivation​ let us know who are you as a jewelry artist. Where do you live and what is your connection to the Baltic sea? Why would you like to participate in this? Also, describe your thoughts on the theme and how you might translate your jewelry practice into land art. We're not​ asking for a ready project plan but rather to show us your ideas and impressions, that you are open to a new challenge and to work spontaneously.

Application deadline: 15th March, 2020
Participating artists will be chosen based on their application. All applicants will be notified about the selection at the ​end of March​.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at the above mentioned e-mail.

Who are we
This is a private initiative by jewelry artists Maja Breife from Sweden and Wiebke Pandikow from Finland. We work with contemporary jewelry ourselves but are also very interested in the natural world and concerned about environmental issues. We want to show and share this concern and raise awareness, while also broadening our own practice. We want to invite other jewelry artists to participate in this project because having more participants will mean more dialogue, an exchange of skills and in the end a wider array of different and interesting land art pieces.

The landscape..
The landscape.

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The lighthouse..
The lighthouse.

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Home of lighthouse's keeper..
Home of lighthouse's keeper.

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