Open Call for the Master and PreMaster Program at PXL-MAD School of Arts

Open call  /  16 Jun 2023  -  30 Jun 2023
Published: 16.06.2023

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Our academic programme focuses on artistic practice and research on image and design combined with a personal interpretation. The interaction between theory, research and artistic practice, as implemented within Visual Arts, is quite unique and is based on the need to give a specific voice to theory and research in this artistic practice.
Diploma Requirements for the (Pre-)Master
A certified Bachelor's diploma (same study field and specialization) is required in order to apply for a (Pre-)Master's degree programme.
Depending on your skills you might need to first enroll in a Pre-Master Programme, after which you can start your Master Programme.

Required documents to apply for the Master & Pre-Master Preparation programme
• •A legalised copy of your BACHELOR diploma, as well as a translation by a certified translator to Dutch, French, German or English. This legalisation has to be executed by the Belgian embassy in the country in which your diploma was issued.
• A certificate that you obtained the required level of English language (see English language requirements for the English master programme).
• A translated certificate (Dutch, French, German or English) from the embassy (Belgian embassy in the country of origin or embassy of the country of origin in Belgium) to prove that the presented diploma gives access to a university in the home country. A certificate of a university or an official agency of the country where you have obtained your diploma is also accepted.
• A copy of your identity card, international passport or prove of registration in the register of foreigners.
• A valid residence certificate.
• For students coming from China: an APS certificate (Akademische Prüfstelle – Certificate valid for studies in Belgium (Flemish Community).
• For further information, please make an appointment with the ‘dienst studievoortgang’ at the following  address (select “dienst studievoortgang”).

English Language Requirements
• You studied at least one year successfully at a secondary school in the English language, or
• You succeeded for at least 60 ECTS credits at a higher education institution in the English language, or
• You have a cerfificate proving your competence in English at level B2 in Advanced English (CAE):
   - TOEFL iBT (global score minimum 90)
   - IELTS (global score minimum 6,5).
Contact: David.Huycke@PXL.BE 
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