Open Call for New Members

Open call  /  23 Dec 2021  -  10 Jan 2022
Published: 23.12.2021
Open Call for New Members.
The Pool. Amsterdam Jewelry Collective
Morgane de Klerk, Chloe Valorso, Gabriela Goldsmith, Lindsey Fontijn
DEADLINE: 10/01/2022

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The Pool Jewelry Collective is looking for new members! Do you want to be part of an artist-run shop in the center of Amsterdam?
About The Pool
  • The Pool is an artist-run space. This means that we do all organisation, accounting, shopkeeping and everything in-between ourselves.
  • We all pay a membership fee every month (€120 for the first 9 months, €100 after this period). This covers our shop rent, extra project fees, etc. to ensure the space runs fluidly.
  • 80% of sales go to the artist and 20% to the collective.
  • We are open 5 days a week from 12 to 18. Shifts are shared between members.
  • Each of the 15 members holds a role within a team (events, PR, bookkeeping, administration), while also being ready to jump into any task that pops up.
  • We meet once a month to go over future deadlines, achievements, and plan future exhibitions, photoshoots, events, and general housekeeping.

Some Criteria:
  • Based in or around Amsterdam and ready to work approx. 1-2 shifts a month
  • Membership starts 1st of February 2022
  • You have established your own visual identity. Are creating new work and are ready to produce and sell multiple pieces, small series or one of a kind
  • You are confident in working with a team and collaborating
  • Ready to investigate and propose project / exhibition / photoshoot / event ideas
  • You have some network and experiences within the jewellery / fashion field
  • Experience in graphic design and/or photography is a plus!
  • Your company has a registered KVK number
  • Lastly experience or a willingness to learn accounting systems is a plus!

> More information on Instagram @thepooljewellery
> Click here to apply

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