Open Call for Persistence of Desire. An Exhibition at the IV Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery

Open call  /  22 Mar 2024  -  25 Apr 2024
Published: 21.03.2024
Open Call for Persistence of Desire. An Exhibition at the IV Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery.
Santiago, Chile
Lorena Jarpa, Patricia Iglesias
La Brújula Arte en tránsito
DEADLINE: 25/04/2024

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For the IV Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial, Contemporary Jewelers and Artists are invited to participate in the circuit of simultaneous exhibitions, Ruta Brava: Spaces for Art Jewelry, to be held in Santiago between October 3rd and 10th, 2024. The topic for this exhibition is Persistence of Desire; That which persists over time, a material, a gesture, a desire...a fundamental impulse.
We aim to showcase a selection of works where we see the artist persisting in a desire; this could be a gesture, a material, a form, a concept, a dream, an impulse... Jacques Lacan asserts: Desire is defined by an essential separation concerning everything that simply corresponds to the imaginary direction of Need.

We will select 2 or 3 works per artist. These works can be existing or unpublished.

> Existing works:
To select the pieces that are under the eye and interest of La Brújula Arte en tránsito*, we kindly request you to send us photographs of up to 6 pieces of contemporary jewelry that have not been presented in previous editions of the Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry, nor in Chile, and have not been part of any of our exhibitions, and that fit our call "Persistence of Desire."
  • 3 photographs of each piece (front, back, detail)
  • Technical sheet of each piece (title, series if applicable, year, materials, and dimensions).

> Unpublished works:
If you prefer to create unpublished pieces (2 or 3), let us know what you are thinking, send us a PDF with the details of your idea, photographs, and technical sheets of previous works that are linked to the persistence of your desire. But don't forget that we will count on your commitment and participation.

> Application:
Send us your application to the email with a dossier in PDF format, no larger than 4MB, with your project containing 1 to 3 pieces maximum or your idea if they will be unpublished pieces or a summary of your previous work in 1 to 6 photographs.

La Brújula Arte en Tránsito applies to Modality 2, therefore we manage our space, taking care of the setup, inauguration, and dismantling. Thus, we are conducting the call for submissions to choose works that fit the vision of our curatorial proposal. The participation will include international artists and will gather a large number of exhibitors and around 120 pieces.

> Key dates:
  • Call for Submissions: March 11th to April 25th.
  • Submission of Artworks for Participation: until August 5th.
  • Submission Deadline for Selection: until April 25th.
  • Announcement of selected artists: April 30th.
  • Submission of Graphic and Technical Material: July 5th.

> Registration Fee:
  • The registration fee to apply to the call for submissions is CLP 20,000 equivalent to USD 21.
  • The registration fee must be sent along with the submission material.
  • The participation fee, once selected, will be CLP 60,000 equivalent to USD 61.30.
  • Participation Fee Payment Date: July 30th.
  • The participant is responsible for the shipping and return costs of the pieces.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Find where to pay here.

Upon sending the reply email, we will inform you of the details of the graphic material (photographs) and technical information (artwork information sheet) that we will need you to send us to participate in the virtual platform of the Biennial.

**Remember that the PDF should not be larger than 4MB. Files larger than this will not be accepted.
Send your file, proof of payment and your dossier to the following e-mail address:

Download the terms and conditions here.